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How To Announce Your Engagement & 20 Ways To Share The News

Get ready for all the engagement announcement inspiration your heart desires. We share our top tips for spreading the news on social media and beyond.

Engagement celebration

Congratulations - you’re engaged! Of all the big life events to celebrate, this one probably tops the list. And now you have the enjoyable job of telling all your nearest and dearest the good news. But with a newsfeed already full of engagement posts, figuring out how to announce an engagement in a way that feels authentic and unique can be confusing.

Here to help are The Wedding Shop’s engagement experts. Armed with years of experience helping couples in this new stage of life, we’ve compiled a list of useful tips to help share your news, as well as 20 fun ways to announce your engagement.


You’ve decided to take the next step together and your love story is about to continue forever. But next, you need to divulge the news to friends, family and perhaps your followers too. Whilst there’s no right or wrong to do this, there are a few points to consider before prematurely posting to socials. Pulling from 30 years of experience in the wedding industry, we’ve put together some top tips on proper engagement announcement etiquette and how to announce your engagement the smart way.

There’s No Rush

⁠First and foremost, take a second. In today’s modern world, we’re often leaping from one thing to the next in a matter of seconds. Your S.O has just popped the question and your mind is already jumping to how best to tell friends and family, rather than taking a minute to breathe and enjoy the ‘now’. 

Remind yourself of how long you have waited for this day. Whether it’s a few hours, days or even weeks, give yourself time to pause and appreciate this moment with your partner one-on-one. The world can and will wait. 

Tell Close Friends And Family First

Your inner circle should be the first to know. We 100% recommended contacting close friends and family, either in person or via phone or video call, before posting any engagement selfie online. You want to avoid your brother, sister, best friend (and so on) finding out at the same time as your old primary school teacher. 

After all, your nearest and dearest are the ones who are going to help you navigate this next period as ‘to-be-weds’ and will be with you as you say, “I do”. Eliminate any bad feelings that could arise from prematurely posting your news on social media. Pick up the phone, arrange a coffee date or surprise a family member at home. There’s no substitute for seeing those in-person smiles on the faces of the people you love who are genuinely thrilled for you both.

Couple embrace on beach after engagment
Engagement ring and romantic beach proposal

Personalise Your Online Announcement

Once immediate friends and family have been told, you’ll likely want to post something to socials to update your following, whether that’s 5000 or 50. 

How to announce an engagement on social media all depends on who you are as a couple. We suggest making your post as personal as possible (see our engagement announcement ideas below) whether that’s by sharing your engagement photoshoot pictures taken in a sentimental location, or by creating a reel of your favourite memories together. Like every part of the wedding planning process, your announcement should be as unique as your relationship.

Be Selective With Your Wedding Details

After you’ve officially publicised your news and your wedding planning has begun, you may be excited to share subsequent details of your wedding online. However, we’d recommend resisting the temptation to overshare information to avoid any animosity amongst those who aren’t invited to your big day.

20 Fun Ways To Announce Your Engagement

The question has been popped and we couldn’t be happier for you. Now, with the ‘courting’ stage officially behind you, you’ll need some sweet ways to share your thrilling update with the people you love. 

Whether you’re a fan of the ‘big reveal’ or would prefer a more understated way to broadcast your big life change, get ready for all the engagement inspiration your heart desires with our list of 20 fun ways to announce your engagement. The hardest part will be choosing between them!

1. The Classic Ring Selfie Shot
Unless you’ve been on an extreme social media detox, you will no doubt have seen the classic ring selfie somewhere on your newsfeed. This sweet and simple pose is the modern-day equivalent of announcing your engagement in your local newspaper. Sometimes there’s no need to reinvent the wheel – a cute selfie showcasing your fabulous new accessory could be the perfect way to share your news.

2. An Engagement Shoot 
You may want to consider a formal engagement photoshoot with your partner. This could be a full-blown professional shoot in a studio or a more relaxed session with a friend using their smartphone. Choose a location that has sentimental value to you both, such as the place you first met, your favourite holiday destination or where they popped the question.

3. Cute Matching Pyjamas 
If you value comfort above all else, then some matching ‘Just Engaged’ pyjamas might be the way to go. Imagine surprising family and friends by changing into some novelty loungewear as the day turns to night. Plus, they’ll make cosy keepsakes for years to come.

4. Create A TikTok
Busting a move to the latest TikTok trend is one way to stop the scroll and let the world know your exciting news. There are plenty of options when it comes to TikTok engagement announcements with some couples making use of funny filters, witty ‘POV’ captions and trending music clips – the opportunities are limitless.

5. Send An Engagement Card
If you’re more of a traditionalist, then why not deliver the memo by post? Sending a beautiful card to your nearest and dearest with a heartfelt message enclosed is a thoughtful and personal way to spread your news. Close family and friends will particularly appreciate the time and effort involved in this method of announcement. 

Top tip: We recommend Papier for both your engagement card and wider wedding stationery needs. Plus, couples with a Wedding Shop gift list get a wonderful 15% discount on their fabulous range of paper goods.

6. Add To Your Story
Looking to build some anticipation around your extra-special announcement? Tease followers with a series of Instagram stories culminating in the big reveal. As the name suggests, Instagram stories are built for telling a narrative. And what better story than that of your engagement? 

One option is to share a series of images of the proposal set-up, finishing with an iconic picture of your partner on bended knee. Or you might like to upload a short clip of champagne glasses clinking with your new, sparkling ring in full view. 

7. A Balloon Backdrop 
It’s no secret that a balloon arch makes for a great photo backdrop. Consider posing in a loving embrace, ring hand outstretched or holding up ‘we said yes’ signs for a fun engagement announcement. You might also choose to coordinate your balloons to your wedding colours for added synchronicity. 

8. Post Your Proposal Video
What better way to bask in the romance of your engagement than by posting your proposal video on social media. If your partner secretly filmed the event and you’re comfortable with publishing it online, then share a 10, 20 or 30 second clip of the moment your life changed forever! This is social media gold so prepare your inbox for plenty of comments, likes and well wishes.

9. Use Your Furry Friends
Want to know how to announce your engagement on social media in the cutest way possible? Get your pets involved in the action. Perhaps your dog or cat already played an important role in your ‘paw-posal’, or maybe you’d like to share an image of your pet wearing a funny sign or t-shirt. Either way, sharing pet proposal pictures is always a good idea in our book.

10. Spell It Out
One of the more creative ways to announce an engagement is to spell it out, literally. Organise some scrabble letters to say, “we’re engaged”, draw your news in the sand or snap a steamy shot of your bathroom mirror with the words, “I said yes”, on frosted glass. The last one is sure to turn a few heads!

Proposal idea with dog

Image credit: Jasmine Andrews Photography

11. Go Live
Get live reactions from friends, family, and followers by going live to broadcast your big news. Whether it’s on Instagram, Facebook or TikTok, you will feel like you’re all together in the same room as viewers can post instant reactions and comments. The location is up to you!

12. Send An E-Card
If time is tight or you prefer paperless methods of communication, you could send an e-card to all your favourite people. There are so many websites that provide quick, personalised, and sometimes free e-cards. Add your favourite image of the two of you, the date of your proposal and any details about your engagement party (if you’re having one).

13. Show Off Matching Tattoos 
Ink lovers? Showcasing fresh tattoos with the date of your proposal is one of the more unique engagement announcement ideas we’ve heard of. Brave, bold and daringly romantic, this one’s for couples who prefer to do things a little differently.

14. Throw An Engagement Party
What better excuse to throw a party than to announce your new status as ‘to-be-weds’! For maximum impact, avoid revealing the news on social media beforehand and instead surprise friends and family with an official invite to the party of the year. 

Or even better, drop them an invite to a secretly planned engagement party straight after proposal! But unless you’re the person doing the proposing, this one may be a little out of your control.

15. Update Your Facebook Status 
Millennials, this one’s for you. If you remember the good, old days of updating your Facebook status to reveal an important life change, then guess what? Many couples still choose this method to update friends and family on their new ‘fiancé’ status.

Image credit: Jelena Weir

Matching couple tattoo
Engagement celebrations with rosé

16. Champagne With A View
Choose a truly stunning backdrop for a photo you can frame forever. Head to your favourite mountainside retreat, take a picnic to the beach or sip bubbles from the top of a city skyscraper for a beautifully scenic engagement picture. And remember to showcase your dazzling, new accessory!

17. Get Your Children Involved
Where there are little family members that want to help, consider getting them involved in the big announcement. One fun way to include children is to purchase t-shirts announcing that ‘Mum and Dad are getting married’, for example. They’ll feel super important and a real part of the celebrations, and you’ll cherish the memories even more.

18. Create A Highlights Reel
Save a trending audio or pick your favourite song and create a romantic reel of your fondest memories together. This is a great way to document your love story and share your journey as a couple from the dating stages right through to your new status as ‘to-be-weds’. 

19. The Holding Hands Shot
Selfies aren’t for everyone. If you’re looking for a more candid style of engagement photo, consider the romantic ‘holding hands’ shot. Whether you choose to do this with a spectacular backdrop or simply snuggled up on the sofa at home, this classic image is bound to pull at a few heartstrings.

20. Say It With Cake
If one wedding cake isn’t enough, why not have an engagement cake too? Order a customised cake with the date of your proposal iced on top or add, ‘Just Engaged’, toppers to a homemade cake you’ve baked together. There’s no sweeter way to announce the news.

Engagement photo announcement

So, you’ve decided on one of the above ideas to share your exciting update. Next, you’ll need a similarly unique or heartfelt caption to complete the post. To help you pick, we’ve curated the below list of fun and romantic phrases to inspire your inner wordsmith.

Romantic Engagement Announcement Captions
Capture the magic of this joyful moment with some earnest words that feel authentically, ‘you’. We’ve picked some of the cutest captions for all the true romantics out there:

  • Forever my best friend
  • (Date) was a special day for us! 
  • Ready to start the next page of our love story 
  • Will we ever stop smiling? Unlikely
  • I’m marrying my soulmate!
  • The easiest, ‘YES’, ever. 
  • Here's to love, laughter and happily ever after
  • And so the adventure begins
  • To me, you are perfect 
  • Here's to growing old together

Funny Engagement Announcement Captions
Public declarations of love not really your thing? Inject some humour into your announcement by adding one of these witty captions beneath your freshly snapped engagement selfie: 

  • See something new?
  • My latest accessory
  • Oh, hello!
  • *Deletes all dating apps*
  • I spy with my little eye…
  • We decided to get the government involved in this relationship
  • He/she/they put a ring on it! 
  • Does this ring make me look engaged? 
  • #Feyonce 
  • I guess you could say it's getting pretty serious…

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