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Wedding Registry: When Should You Start?

Starting a registry is one of the best parts of wedding planning! But how much time do you need to build your dream gift list? We're here to help.

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Congratulations, you're engaged! Now, it's time to start planning your big day! Sitting alongside booking your photographer and venue is starting your wedding gift list - an equally important step in your planning journey.

Your wedding registry provides guests with a wishlist of homewares, products or funds that you both love. It’s an opportunity to think beyond the wedding day to your newlywed future. But when should you start?

We're here to help. Below, we break down when to start your wedding gift list based on your engagement length. Armed with over 30 years of experience helping couples build their dream registry, you're in excellent hands.

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Tailoring Your Timeline

The length of your engagement will have a big impact on when you should start your wedding gift registry. Let’s break to down: 

If your engagement is 12 months or more, start your wedding registry early and add items gradually as you find them. You can also include your registry information on your save-the-dates, especially if you're having any pre-wedding celebrations. Think engagement party, bachelor or bachelorette party (or any wedding celebration for that matter). Your loved ones will likely want to congratulate you with a gift, and having a registry will help them choose something you both truly want.

If your engagement is between 6 and 11 months, you should start your registry 6 to 9 months before the big day. You'll want to include your wedding list on your invitations, so this timescale gives you plenty of time to set up your list beforehand. It also means you'll have time to sit together and think about the presents you really want and need. And remember, once you've published your wedding gift registry, you can always keep adding to it!

If you have a short engagement (less than 6 months), start your registry as soon as possible. Early planning allows you to include registry details on your wedding invitations, even if you haven't finalised your gift list. You can always change your gift choices later.

Top tip: Book an appointment with a Gift Guru virtually or at our flagship showroom in Chelsea, London. They can help you populate your list with the gifts you love, offering tailored advice and recommendations.

When To Start: In A Nutshell

12+ months: Start your registry as soon as you have a wedding date set.

6-11 months: Start your registry 6-9 months before your wedding date.

Less than 6 months: Start your registry as soon as possible and include details on your wedding invitations.

Top Tips Before Diving In

Think About When Your Guests Will Buy From Your List

One of the most important things to consider when starting your gift list is when your wedding guests will be buying from it. Some family and friends may purchase a gift as soon as you notify them about your wedding day, while others may wait until closer to the date. That's why it's important to include your registry details on your wedding invitations. This way, guests will know you have a gift list set up and won't buy you things you don't need or want! We provide complimentary cards to include with your invites to let your friends and family know how to find your list.

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Give Yourself Time To Personalise Your List

A Wedding Shop gift list is a great way to add personality and meaning to your wedding gift experience. That's why it's important to give yourself enough time to sit down with your partner and create a list that reflects your unique style.

One of the best things about a Wedding Shop gift list is that it's completely customisable. You can add a photo to your profile, write an intro message for your guests, curate the order of your gifts, and even attach a personal message to each item.

But most importantly, you can personalise your gift list by choosing items that you both love. With hundreds of incredible products, experiences, cash and honeymoon funds, charity donations, and subscriptions to choose from, the possibilities are endless!

Added to List!

Start Early, Enjoy Exclusive Benefits

Creating your wedding registry early means you can take full advantage of your journey with The Wedding Shop. Think exclusive events, giveaways, showroom tours and bespoke advice. 

At The Townhouse, explore 12 rooms full of gift inspiration from renowned brands to independent artisans. Your Gift Guru will answer questions and help you scan your favourite homewares to your list - all with a glass of prosecco in hand.

Inside The Townhouse, The Wedding Shop's flagship showroom

Beyond the registry, The Townhouse hosts unique events, from relaxed wine tastings to bespoke stationery workshops. The Wedding Shop is here to inspire your entire wedding planning journey.

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