The Wedding Shop

Our Terms and Conditions in plain English

We think that Terms and Conditions should be written as clearly and as jargon-free as possible. Please let us know if anything here is unclear and we will be more than happy to clarify for you.

Our Aim

We want to give you the best possible wedding list experience available. We aim to be the best wedding gift list provider on the market and we want to delight you in your experience with us.

The below is as comprehensive as we can make it but we realise that it’s impossible to include every eventuality. Please contact us if you have any queries at all.

We aim to treat you as we would want to be treated if our roles were reversed.

Compiling your list

Branded products
Choose products you’ll love from over 300 of our branded partners. Our website showcases over 40,000 products from these brands, however if there is something you want that you cannot find – just let us know and we will be happy to add it for you, complete with image and description.

Truly Experiences
Truly is one of our brand partners, if an experience through Truly is purchased on your list and you would like to manoeuvre the funds from this towards a physical item, you can do so within our brand offering. Likewise, if you would like to swap your toaster for wine tasting with Truly then you of course can. If you choose to go ahead with a Truly Experience, once you place the order for this on your account you will receive an experience box through the post. This will detail the experience you have purchased and how to proceed. A representative from Truly will be looking after you from then onwards. Any funds contributed towards a Truly experience cannot be swapped for cash or custom products. Please be aware that Truly Experiences are subject to change.

Custom products – “Add an item from another website”
In addition to our huge range of branded products, we offer you the ability to add products from other brands not found on our website.

There is no limit on the number of custom products you can have on your list and no charge for this feature.

If you choose to load custom products via our “Add an item from another website” function. We will add the product onto your list at the website’s retail recommended price (please note that we are unable to list these products at promotional prices). We recommend that you check the correct full product description has been copied. Please note products must be from a UK website and priced in Pounds Sterling.

For Information on how we fulfil custom products please click here

We also offer you the ability to add a variety of contributions to your list. These can include honeymoon, charity and cash contributions to specific funds (e.g. deposits to a house, car, short breaks, monthly subscriptions, home renovations etc.).

There is no limit on the number of cash contributions you can have on your list. However, we strongly recommend that you also include products on your list as we find guests like to buy you specific gifts as well.

There is no charge to have cash items on your list.

Group Gifting
Group Gifting gives your guests the option to make contributions towards higher-priced gifts. Should the full amount needed to purchase the item not be gifted in full, you will receive the partial value in your Wedding Shop account, to be spent within our brand partners. If this is a Custom Product, then you have the option of receiving the amount in your Wedding Shop account or contributing the rest of the funds needed yourself.

Gift Cards
The Wedding Shop offers a gift card that your guests can pledge amounts to. This can be used towards branded products when you come to confirm your final gift selection with us. This is beneficial to your guests, should they wish to purchase a gift for you and find there are no longer any products available.

The Gift Card is added automatically to your list when you register with us. However, the Gift Card is not obligatory, and you are able to remove the Gift Card from your list by selecting the ‘remove gift card’ option within your account.

Any pledges made to a Wedding Shop Gift Card can only be redeemed against product offered by our brand partners, and cannot be used in exchange for cash or fund contributions and custom products.

Your guests and their pledges

Your guests are as important to us as you are.
There are absolutely no fees for your guests when they buy you a gift and/or make a cash contribution to any of your chosen funds.

Fulfilling your list

Branded products
Within our brand partners we offer you full flexibility, for instance if you would like to use money pledged towards a vase to instead complete your dinner service you absolutely can.

Please note that funds that have been pledged against our branded products cannot be transferred to custom products or be given as a cash refund.

Possible price increases of product
From time to time, some of the products that we offer do experience an increase in their associated cost. We absolutely do not wish to cause inconvenience to you if this should occur, therefore if a product that has been purchased by one of your guests experiences a price increase within three months of your occasion date, we will be delighted to honour the original price that the gift was purchased at for you.

Custom products – “Add an item from another website”
We will notify you as soon as we can when any custom product has been purchased by one of your guests.

Once you have received the notification you have the choice of ordering the item straight away or waiting until after the wedding to decide whether to take the item or spend the money within our 350 brand partners, it is entirely your choice.

Please note products must be from a UK website and priced in Pounds Sterling. We are only able to source custom product at the original price paid by your guests, if this has changed you are welcome to pay the additional monies or reallocate these funds to items within our brand partners.

Your custom products must have been fully purchased by your guests to be eligible for us to source this for you. If a custom product is not purchased by your guests (or only purchased partially), you are unable to transfer monies pledged against our branded products to this custom product.

If for any reason we are unable to source your custom products, you are able to spend the balance within our brand partners.

Please note that funds pledged against custom product cannot be swapped for a cash refund.

You have the option of spending the cash contributions purchased by your guests within our brand partners, or alternatively we can transfer the funds to your bank account after the wedding upon request and provision of your bank details.

Please kindly note that a pledge to a Wedding Shop Gift Card is not classed as a contribution, and as such, can only be redeemed within our Brand partners gift offerings.

Charity Contributions
Please note that cash that has been pledged against charity items cannot be moved from that particular charity to any other fund or product.

Delivery of your gifts

We offer complimentary delivery* Monday to Saturday to almost anywhere in the UK and Ireland. We are sometimes unable to offer this service to remote areas, or where the item(s) are unusually difficult to deliver. In these cases, we will work with you and our suppliers to find the best solution for you.

*Complimentary delivery may not be applicable for larger and/or heavier items, such as furniture and outdoor products. Please kindly contact us if you have a question regarding delivery charges on any of these items.

If you reside outside of the Republic of Ireland or the UK (including the Crown Dependencies), or wish to have your gifts shipped overseas, please contact us after your wedding, and we would be delighted to arrange a shipping quotation for you.

For both your convenience and ours, we will group as many items together as possible.

Please expect lead times for your delivery of up to 8-12 weeks after you’ve placed and confirmed your order.

As many of our branded products are artisanal and made to order, lead times can be longer than average for these types of gifts. In these instances, we will alert you to any issues in fulfilling gifts on your list.

Damaged or Faulty Items

We sincerely apologise in advance for any items that you receive within your gift delivery that have a damage or fault. Whilst we proactively do everything that we can to avoid this from occurring, unfortunately breakages can occur whilst your gifts are in transit.

If you receive any items that are damaged or faulty within your gift delivery, please ensure that you contact us within 7 days of receipt, and we will be delighted to arrange a replacement for you.

Change of Mind/Unwanted Gifts

It is of paramount importance to us that you are delighted with your final gift selection, and we pride ourselves on offering the flexibility and the option to change your selection up to the point that you confirm your order with us. Therefore, we unfortunately do not accept return requests for any unwanted gifts once you have taken receipt of your delivery, other than items that are delivered damaged, faulty or differ from their advertised description.


We take your data protection very seriously. We will never pass your details to third parties. Please see our Privacy Policy.

Financial Guarantee

We want you to have complete peace of mind. The money that has been pledged by your guests against the gifts in your list will be held in a separate trust account. This trust account is 100% ring-fenced and separate from our company’s bank account. Your funds are completely protected and guaranteed. Any monies that are needed to complete and fulfil your list are held in this separate trust account until you instruct us with how you intend to use it.

Promotional Vouchers

Promotional vouchers can only be claimed by emailing your advisor directly or calling +44 (0)20 7384 8400 and quoting a valid Wedding Shop code. Promotional vouchers are only valid on branded partner items, after your first guest purchase has been pledged. Your wedding date must be before the voucher expires. All promotional vouchers are valid for one year after being released by The Wedding Shop. Only one promotional voucher is valid per gift list and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Refer A Friend

Should you choose to refer a friend to us, we will happily credit your account with £50 and also add £50 to your friends’ list when you both register with us. The credit will only be activated on both accounts once your friend’s guest purchases reach over £200. It is at the discretion of The Wedding Shop to limit the number of Refer A Friend vouchers allowed per person.

10%   Lifetime Discount on our branded products

As a past customer, we are delighted to give you a lifetime discount of 10% on our huge range of branded products once you have spent your wedding list balance.