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Spring Decor Ideas: 8 Beautiful Ways To Refresh Your Home

Use your wedding gift list to bring new life to your interior. Follow our expert spring decor ideas to get started!

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Spring is the season of change. Our gardens blossom, the air fills with fresh scents, and the sun peaks through the clouds a little more than usual - reminding us that sunnier days are almost here.

Many like to celebrate the changing seasons by inviting the spirit of spring into their homes. It's the perfect opportunity to spruce up your walls with a fresh lick of paint, swap your winter bedding for something a little lighter and fill your home with seasonal blooms and scents. 

With so many ways to inject new life into our interiors, we've curated our top eight spring decor tips. Use your wedding gift list to give your home a beautiful refresh.

PS. The best time to start decorating for spring is early March. However, these ideas can still be adopted throughout the seasons and are a great way to introduce freshness into your interior all year round.

Step 1: Organise Your Home

Before we delve into spring decor ideas, give your home a traditional spring clean. It's a simple task - and although it may require a given amount of patience and organisation, we promise it will be worth it!

Start by clearing any clutter you may have accumulated over the last year. Give things away. Organise your home using practical storage solutions, and dedicate a place for everything. Not only will doing this make your home feel bigger and brighter, but it will also help you feel calm and ready to take on the tasks each day brings.

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Step 2: Swap Your Winter Linen

Say farewell to winter by swapping that 15-tog feather duvet for something a little lighter. Linen or cotton bedding is ideal for this time of year as they're naturally temperature-regulating.

Consider your colour palette too. Crisp white bedding can do wonders for brightening up a bedroom! Opting for linen in invigorating prints is another option worth considering. Think calming meadow patterns and quintessentially English colour palettes.

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Step 3: Get Clever With Lighting

Lighting can completely transform the energy of a room. With a simple flick of the switch, you can turn a space from dreary to dreamy. The type of lightbulb, the shade and positioning are all key things to consider when deciding on your lighting choices. Get it wrong, and you could have a room feeling overly clinical. Get it right, and you could mimic the sunshine of a bright, breezy beach day. Beautiful. 

To lighten a room, consider multiple sources of light. Build layers to lighten a room from all angles, creating depth. Go the extra step by integrating mirrors into your scheme to create the illusion of a bigger space.

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Step 4: Bring the Outdoors In

Houseplants are an effortless way to transform a space without needing to redecorate. With so much variation, you can let your creativity go wild (quite literally). 

Play with plant types, heights and colours. You can use houseplants to hide a space or to draw attention to an area in your home you love. And remember, not all plants have to live on the floor! Take advantage of your room height by suspending hanging planters from your ceilings, walls and bookshelves. 

If you're hoping to bring fresh seasonal scents and colours indoors, Bloom & Wild is the way to go. Add a subscription to your gift list to be surprised by beautiful flowers delivered through your letterbox each month.

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Step 5: Experiment with Scent

Scent can instantly make a space smell and feel fresh. It can also transport you to a favourite location. Zingy citrus scents may remind you of an idyllic coastal view, roasted sandalwood of a cosy night in by the fire, and neroli blossoms of a glorious summer day. 

Choose Neom Organics London for 100% natural fragrances proven to help you sleep better, stress less, boost your energy and lift your mood.

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Step 6: Spruce Up Your Walls

Spring is bursting with pastel shades of blue, yellow, pink and green. Brushing your walls in these subtle colours is the perfect way to bring new life to your home. A fresh lick of paint also keeps your home looking in tip-top order, and will make a world of difference. If you stick to pastel shades throughout the year, you should only need one coat of paint each time you refresh your walls, making the process a whole lot easier and less time-consuming. 

Why not add Coat Paints to your gift list and pick a shade for each season?

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Step 7: Play With Decorative Features

Another great but simple way to bring new life to your interior is with your soft furnishings. Consider swapping your cushions, throws and rugs for those boasting spring hues and patterns. Think bold botanicals and florals, seagrass and linen.

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Step 8: Set A Spring Tablescape

Bold hues. Coloured glassware. Beautiful spring flower centrepieces. There are so many wonderful ways to bring the spirit of spring to your table!

If you're starting from scratch, an easy way to design a spring tablescape is to pick out your bouquet first. Hone in on the colours and use this as your tablescape inspiration. Opt for table linen, glassware, and dinnerware brushed in this palette. You can add accents of complimentary colours to give it that extra splash of colour and energy too!

Here is an example of a spring tablescape inspired by a meadow-like arrangement of lavender stocks, coral roses, and uplifting pops of yellow woollyheads from our favourites, Bloom & Wild.

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