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Create Your Dream Wedding Gift List Online

Discover the ease and joy of creating a wedding gift list online. Make your wedding gifting experience memorable for you and your guests with The Wedding Shop.

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Planning your wedding comes with its fair share of decisions, and one of the most exciting parts is putting together your dream gift list. In the digital age, this process has become simpler, offering convenience for couples and their guests.

The Wedding Shop is thrilled to be the UK's favourite online gift list, providing couples with a personalised journey from the convenience of their homes. Considering signing up? This article covers all you need to know about starting an online gift registry, helping you decide if it's the right choice.

What Is an Online Wedding Gift List?
An online wedding gift list is a modern and convenient way for couples to let their guests know what gifts they would appreciate for their wedding. Instead of creating a registry at a store, couples can now use online platforms to curate a list of items they'd like to receive as wedding gifts. Guests can then visit the online registry, choose a gift from the list, and purchase directly through the platform. It helps streamline the gift-giving process and ensures that the couple receives items they truly want and need for their new life together.

What Are the Advantages of an Online Gift List With The Wedding Shop?

For Couples:

  1. Unlimited selection: Add gifts from over 450 homeware brands, travel experiences, personalised and honeymoon funds with The Wedding Shop. Expect all the renowned names from Le Creuset to The White Company to those independent artisans you're yet to discover. Craft a registry that's as unique as you - mix, match, and even include up to 10 custom gifts from any UK retailer.

  2. Group Gifting: The Wedding Shop's group gifting function allows multiple guests to contribute towards a more expensive item. So you can add those more luxurious items with confidence.

  3. Free Of Charge: Couples enjoy the luxury of a free service, including storage for up to six months and two complimentary deliveries in the UK, allowing you to focus on your wedding day without worrying about additional expenses.

  4. Expert Guidance: Meet your personal Gift Guru! Navigate the art of gift-giving with expert guidance, whether you prefer the cosy atmosphere of your home or a virtual appointment filled with bespoke recommendations.

  5. Online Management: Couples can manage their gift list completely online, making it easy to update, add, or remove items whilst on the go.

  6. Thank You Manager: Expressing gratitude has never been easier! The Thank You Manager tool effortlessly tracks gifts from each guest, making sending thank you cards a breeze. You'll also have the added perk of a 15% discount on Papier wedding stationery.

  7. Personalised Gift List: Bring your registry to life! Add a dash of personality, rearrange gifts, and customise it to match your wedding theme effortlessly. Showcase the thought and effort you've poured into planning your registry and special day.

  8. Completion Discounts: Receive a 15% discount on top-up items you add to your registry once your balance is zero. You'll also have a lifetime 10% discount on all branded products with The Wedding Shop

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Wedding planning details, including stationery and online gift list

For Guests:

  1. Effortless Selection: Guests can browse through a curated list, eliminating the guesswork. It ensures they pick a gift that resonates with the couple's tastes and needs.

  2. Budget-Friendly Options: A variety of choices means guests can find a gift that fits their budget comfortably. No pressure to overspend; it's all about celebrating without breaking the bank.

  3. Group Gifting: For those eyeing a more extravagant present, the group gifting feature lets multiple guests chip in. Guests can contribute to a special item without shouldering the entire cost.

  4. Convenient Access: Whether near or far, guests can access the wedding gift list with a unique URL code. This convenience is perfect for those unable to attend the wedding but still eager to send their love.

  5. Personal Touch: Guests can add personalised messages to the gifts they purchase, adding an extra personal touch.

  6. Easy Tracking: The couple's Thank You Manager keeps tabs on who gave what, making the post-celebration gratitude process a breeze. Guests can rest easy knowing their thoughtful gifts are acknowledged and appreciated.

  7. Financial Guarantee: All guest contributions are kept in a separate Trust Account. Guests and couples have complete peace of mind.

The Wedding Shop wedding guests at winter ceremony

"Imogen and I have been friends with Sophie since we were babies. Our mums met at NCT. So, we thought it would be nice to gift the happy couple together. We found The Wedding Shop's Group Gift function was perfect for this, so we were pleased they had set up a wedding gift registry.

Thank you, The Wedding Shop, for making our lives easier."
Imogen & Beth, Friends of Bride

Guest Experiences With Online Wedding Gift Lists

Wedding gift lists gently guide guests towards presents that align with the couple's preferences and needs, easing the uncertainty of gift-giving. Instead of guesswork, guests can contribute to the newlyweds' life together in a thoughtful and practical way. Guests appreciate the guidance, as it allows them to contribute to the newlyweds' life together in a meaningful way. But don't take it from us - here are what some Wedding Shop guests said about their experience.

How Do I Create A Wedding Gift List Online?

To create a wedding registry with The Wedding Shop, simply visit our website and click "Create a List." You will then be asked to register your name, contact information, and estimated guest count for your wedding day. We'll also ask you a few optional questions to learn more about your needs and style so we can tailor your gift list to match your preferences.

Wedding Shop couple creates gift list online

Etiquette for Sharing Your Online Wedding Gift List

Your guests will expect to see information about your gift preferences, but what's the best way to share this? The key is to keep it short, sweet and non-judgmental. We outline the etiquette of sharing your online wedding gift list below:

  1. Timing: The ideal time to share your gift list is when you send out your wedding invitations. This ensures that guests have received formal notification of your wedding and have time to consider their attendance and gift options.

  2. Sharing: The most common way to share your gift list is to include the registry information on your wedding invitations or wedding website. You can also use our complimentary insert cards. 

  3. Use gracious language: Instead of directly asking for gifts, express your appreciation for their presence and well wishes. Head over to our blog post on how to ask for wedding gifts for helpful examples of what to write.

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Papier save the date invitation

For over 30 years, The Wedding Shop has helped couples build their dream wedding gift lists. We pride ourselves on offering a truly personal, award-winning service both online and in our beautiful showrooms. Create your gift list online today.

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