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Top Wedding Gift List Trends From Experts, The Wedding Shop

Looking for wedding gift ideas? Be inspired by the top gifts for 2023, predicted by experts, The Wedding Shop!

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Airbnb, 2023 wedding gift ideas

In a fast-changing world, wedding gifting trends are rapidly changing too. The expert buyers at The Wedding Shop are quickly adapting to align with the desires of engaged couples. Planning brides and grooms are using their wedding registries to build their lives together for their future at home, away, work, rest and play. Read on to explore the best wedding gift ideas and wedding gift list trend predictions for 2023 and beyond.

Sparks of Joy

Couples will use their gift lists to add joy to their lives. They'll use their wedding gifts to elevate the little things in life, with pops of colour to give that feel-good factor. Think coloured glassware, playful napkin rings and fun outdoor furnishings. All those little dopamine details!"

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New Travel Experiences

In 2022 we got back to travelling, but that doesn’t mean going back to the same destinations or old habits. We are seeing couples planning their travelling trips with more of an open mind. Couples are now open to trying new things, exploring different destinations and booking with travel brands more than ever before. It’s no surprise that when Airbnb launched as part of The Wedding Shop’s offering this year, it immediately became a top added-to-list brand, which we predict will continue into 2023. Other popular travel brands include Mr & Mrs Smith and Truly Experiences, as well as custom honeymoon funds.

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Earth Conscious Gifts

Couples will continue to use their wedding gift lists to take action and build a more sustainable lifestyle. They are investing in lifestyle upgrades that will allow them to take better care of the planet. These are the gifts that couples will prioritise in their homes in the months and years ahead as they build sustainable practices into their new normal.

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Cake and Cocktails

In 2022 we saw that afternoon tea was the new happy hour. This trend is here to stay as we see couples adding gifts to up their entertaining game. And we mean more than a dessert at mealtime! Couples are making moments out of cake and cocktails - it’s an aesthetic. 

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Gifts That Cater to Different Dietary Requirements

You may be wondering how wedding gifts relate to dietary requirements but have thought about it, the last time you went out with a group of friends and all the different requirements that came into play. Can you relate? With couples now adding gifts such as food subscriptions, wine packages and even vegan paint to their list, we will see a demand for gifts that meet specific requirements in 2023. 

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Gifts for Guys

Move over bridezillas, it’s the groomzillas time to shine. In 2023 we predict that men will have more interest in gift list planning, as we have already seen this start to take shape in 2022.

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Burnt Orange

We saw burnt orange bridesmaid dresses trending in 2022. But in 2023, this trend will make its way into wedding guest attire. It doesn’t stop at the wedding day either: we predict that couples will introduce this colour into their home interiors, adding burnt orange homeware gifts to their wedding gift lists.

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Date Different

We have already seen it in Pinterest's prediction reports and couples' gift list choices: couples want to make date nights more than dinner and a movie. Think four-day hiking adventures, beer-making workshops and cookery courses. 2023 will be the year couples date differently! You can use your gift list to plan post-wedding date nights, adding a different experience for each month of the year after your wedding.

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Front Door Staples

Another Pinterest-worthy trend is gifts for the entrance of houses. It is a simple but understated place in the home. It's the first thing you see when you get home from a long day. We are seeing couples add gifts to make this space inviting and warm, from room diffusers to statement chandeliers, storage units and gallery walls. This year, couples will continue to add gifts to elevate their front hallways and home fronts.

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Viva Magenta

It’s brave, it’s fearless, and it sparks joy and optimism. In 2023, We will see couples choosing gifts in the Viva Magenta shade to bring that sense of hope and confidence into their homes. We hope this wedding gift list idea is here to stay!

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