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20 Quirky & Unusual Wedding Gifts To Spark Joy

Create a registry that is truly unique to you and your partner! Think quirky wedding gifts like an iconic stay in Venice's most grand hotel to an immersive cocktail experience.

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Juicy Salif By Philippe Starck, Alessi, quirky wedding gift from The Wedding Shop

Looking for quirky wedding gifts that will really stand out? You've come to the right place! Your wedding registry is the perfect opportunity to showcase your unique style and personality as a couple. With products, experiences and customisable funds to explore, there really are no limits.

With that in mind, we've rounded up 20 of the best quirky wedding presents from The Wedding Shop to inspire.

Curly Decanter, Riedel

1. Curly Decanter, Riedel

A wine decanter is a must-have for any home bar. But if you're looking for a truly special one, why not go all out with Riedel's Curly Decanter? Designed to enhance the flavour and aroma of your wine, it's the perfect alternative wedding gift for any wine connoisseur.

 A Night At The Palazzo Venart, Mr & Mrs Smith

2. A Night At The Palazzo Venart, Mr & Mrs Smith

A stay at the iconic five-star Palazzo Venart makes for an unforgettable wedding gift. Think grand interiors furnished in authentic Vatican style, secret gardens and twice Michelin-style dining. What could be more romantic!?

Juicy Salif By Philippe Starck, Alessi

3. Juicy Salif By Philippe Starck, Alessi

You might be mistaken for thinking this is an alien or spaceship from the latest sci-fi thriller. But it's actually a juicer. With its sleek and futuristic design, this juicer By Philippe Starck is a truly unique wedding present. Feel fancy doing the most simple of tasks!

Best Places To Eat In Every Country, Lonely Planet

4. Best Places To Eat In Every Country, Lonely Planet

There's no beating the taste of authentic food from around the world. But with so many options, it can be tough to know where to start.

That's where Lonely Planet's food guide comes in handy! Lonely Planet's food experts have chosen their favourite local food experiences worldwide, designed to delight the taste buds. From oysters at a seafood shack in southeast England to the best jerk chicken in Jamaica, there's something for everyone.

Avec Un Livre, by Garmi

5. Avec Un Livre, by Garmi

There's no better way to add personality to your home than with an art print. This is one of our favourites by a small Copenhagen-based studio, by Garmi, designed exclusively for The Poster Club.

Trees for Life, Charity wedding gift from The Wedding Shop

6. Trees for Life, Charity Donations

Did you know, you can use your registry to support your favourite cause by adding a charity fund. You can list any charity you wish, from humanitarian to animal rights, health and environmental charities.

We love Trees for Life, a charity that helps restore forests in Scotland's Highlands.

Rainbow Chess Set, MaisonGames

7. Rainbow Chess Set, MaisonGames

Think chess, but make it pretty. So pretty you’ll want to display it on your favourite coffee table!

The Rainbow Chess Set by MaisonGames is a beautiful and stylish twist on a classic game. It's the perfect gift for any chess lover that will bring a pop of colour to your home. Have another game in mind? Explore the full collection.

Pottery Lessons, Cash Fun from The Wedding Shop

10. Pottery Lessons, Cash Fun

Why not add a quirky wedding gift that'll have you learning a 10,000-year-old craft? (and maybe even leave with beautifully glazed pots to show off).

A pottery class is just one of The Wedding Shop's cash fund ideas, but if you have another hobby you'd love to learn, go ahead and create it! Our bespoke fund options give you the flexibility to add literally anything to your wedding gift list. So whether you're dreaming of learning how to paint, play the guitar, or even skydive, we and your guests can help make that dream a reality.

Eye Large Acrylic Serving Tray, Casacarta

11. Eye Serving Tray, Casacarta

Nothing speaks of breakfast in bed more than *you guessed it* a breakfast tray!

So we couldn't resist adding this playful (and slightly terrifying) design by Casacarta featuring their iconic eye motif. Legend has it that the evil eye is a curse cast by a malevolent glare, and this tray is the perfect way to ward off any bad luck that might be coming your way. What could be more romantic…

Sunrise Alarm Clock, Lumie

12. Sunrise Alarm Clock, Lumie

Forget waking up to Apple's abrasive "Radar" alarm (honestly, it's the sound of nightmares).

What about an alarm that simulates a sunrise, helping you rouse from sleep naturally? Dreamy. Start married life on the right side of the bed with Lumie's Sunrise Alarm Clock.

Eggs & Bacon Tea Towel, Amuse La Bouche

15. Eggs & Bacon Tea Towel, Amuse La Bouche

A tea towel is something you'll use time and time again. So, why not have one with character? Like this egg and bacon one from Amuse La Bouche. Designed in London and embroidered for an extra special touch.

16. Eve Muse Fruit Bowl, Jonathan Adler

16. Eve Muse Fruit Bowl, Jonathan Adler

A fruit bowl, but with a punch of boldness and eccentricity.

The Muse collection from Jonathan Adler, crafted in high-fired porcelain, is adorned with faces, lips and hands (amongst other body parts). Think Picasso meets Dali. It's as quirky as it gets!

Indian Restaurant Favourites, The Spicery

17. Indian Restaurant Favourites Spicebox, The Spicery

If you love cooking, you'll know that spice plays a BIG part in bringing flavour. But unless you have a very impressive spice rack, it's often difficult to find all the unique and wonderful spices to make authentic Indian dishes.

That's where a subscription to The Spicery comes in! Add a subscription, and you'll receive a recipe card to create the most spectacular feast, paired with the freshest spices, ground and blended for your order.

Gluggle Jug in pink, The Gluggle Jug Factory

18. Pink Gluggle Jug, The Gluggle Jug Factory

This pink Gluggle Jug is not only a funny wedding gift. It's stylish and practical too. With each pour, you'll hear the iconic "glug glug" sound, reminiscent of a wild animal clenching its thirst in the Sahara desert. It's an iconic gift that will make a statement at any table.

Transparent Light Speaker, Transparent

19. Transparent Light Speaker, Transparent

This versatile portable light redefines multi-functionality.

Not only does it offer a modern light solution, but it also doubles up as a powerful sound system. Plus, it looks super snazzy with its unique transparent design. The perfect wedding present for the home or any outdoor adventure!

Ottolenghi Sicily Vase 03

20. Ottolenghi Sicily Vase 03, Ottolenghi x Serax

Last (but certainly not least) is the Sicily Vase 03, designed by British-Israeli chef Yotam Ottolenghi and his good friend, artist Ivo Bisignano. The vase's vibrant colours and playful shapes reflect Ottolenghi's animated cooking style and Bisignano's Sicilian roots. It's a truly unique and wonderful gift to add to your list!

So there you have it! Our roundup of quirky wedding gifts, from unique to wonderfully weird, humourous to daring.

Whether you're setting the table for breakfast or entertaining guests at your next party, these are the gifts to spark laughter and conversation. So go ahead and be bold with your gift list choices! Celebrate all the ways that make you unique with products that speak to their maker's creativity.

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