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7 Real Couples Reveal Their Top Tips For Creating The Best Wedding Gift List

We asked seven real couples who have had their gift list with The Wedding Shop to reveal their top gift list tips to help you create your dream wedding registry.

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Real couple Charlotte & Lewis

So, you’ve decided to have a wedding gift list? Great choice! Your guests will want to gift you something special, so having a list makes it super easy for them to choose the perfect gifts, that will make you smile for years to come. Unsure where to start? Our real couples are here to help, with their advice and tips, we guarantee that you’ll have a gift list that will be completely personal and unique to you.

Claire & Scott: Don't Feel Guilty, Enjoy The Process!

When we started to create our gift list, I initially felt awkward about including those luxuries that we wouldn’t normally purchase ourselves. However, from the start our guests insisted that they really wanted to give us extra-special items that we could cherish for years to come. Our personal Gift Guru played a big part in inspiring us throughout our gift list journey.

Claire and Scott wedding day

Deborah & Chris: Flexibility To Swap Gifts

Our top tip would be to not worry about swapping and changing gifts before you order. When we first started to build our list, we were living in a small apartment and space was at a premium. Shortly before our wedding we moved into a larger house, and our gift list requirements changed. Opting for The Wedding Shop made it so easy to swap and change gifts that no longer fit in with the look and feel of our new home.

Deborah & Chris wedding photography
Deborah & Chris wedding ceremony

Greg & Imy: Keep Adding To Your List

Keep adding to your list, has to be our gift list top tip. See what is popular and what isn’t and continually refine your list. We had a number of very organised guests who purchased gifts as soon as the list went live, and other guests who made purchases after the wedding.

Greg & Imy wedding

Annie & Max: Think About What You Really Want And Need

As our gift list top tip, we would suggest taking time to sit down with your partner and discuss if there are any items you really need in your home together before finalising your list. Some people preferred buying gifts for our home like champagne flutes or cutlery sets, others preferred buying experiences such as a meal or an activity on our honeymoon or charity donations.

bride Annie walks down the stairwell
Annie and Max at their wedding ceremony

Sarah & Keith: Add Gifts That Your Guests Can Group Gift

Our gift list top tip would be to add gifts that your guests can contribute towards. You may find that some friends and family members want to club together and buy you something that you wouldn’t buy for yourself, it is a really lovey way of adding a range of higher priced items, allowing your guests to contribute towards and group gift.

Keith and Sarah kiss at their wedding

Amy & Olly: Cover All Price Points

Our top tip for creating your wedding list would be to cover a range of price points within your list. Also try to include items that are special and sentimental, so that your friends and family have a lot of choice and can choose something lovely – whatever their budget.

Amy and Olly wedding portrait
Amy and Olly

Charlotte & Lewis: Give Guests Enough Time

Our top tip would be to make sure that your guests have plenty of time to review your list. We were advised to send our invites only a couple of months before the big day, but why wait if you know the details?

Charlotte and Lewis

Have all your questions been answered? We’ve covered the 10 most asked wedding gift list questions to help you get started. Keep updated with inspiration from lots of other real couples on Instagram.

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