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The Joy of Wedding Presents Delivered to Your Doorstep

Recreate that Christmas morning feeling with wedding presents delivered straight to your door! Having a gift list continues the wedding excitement after the big day.

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There are plenty of pretty obvious benefits to having a wedding gift list, like being able to choose the wedding presents you both love! But what about the logistics? With The Wedding Shop, your gifts are delivered direct to your door.

You won't have to worry about storage or receiving gifts at different times. Plus, your guests won't have to pay for delivery. It's like Christmas, but better.

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Why Have Your Wedding Presents Delivered To Your Doorstep?

A Stress-Free Wedding Day
Your wedding day is all about celebration and creating beautiful memories. The last thing you want is the stress of figuring out how to transport numerous gifts home. With The Wedding Shop's delivery service, you can focus on each other and the joyous moments, leaving the logistics to us.

Picture this: Your guests don't have to worry about wrapping fragile or heavy gifts and bringing them to the venue. The Wedding Shop takes care of all the delivery details, ensuring that the experience for you and your guests is filled with joy, not logistical challenges.

Unveil A World Of Possibilities
Creating your dream gift list opens up a world of possibilities. Explore a variety of gift ideas, including the option for honeymoon contributions, allowing your guests to be part of your post-wedding adventure. The joy of receiving gifts is extended as you unwrap not just physical items but also the experiences and memories they represent.

Share Your Wedding Registry With Easy
Creating and sharing your wedding registry is simple. If you have a wedding website, we'll provide you with a unique URL that directs your guests directly to your gift list. 

You should also include your registry details on your formal wedding invitations. We offer complimentary notification cards that you can easily slip into your invitations. These cards provide your guests with the necessary information to access your registry. To request your notification cards, please kindly contact your Gift Guru - they'd be happy to help!

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The Excitement Of Unwrapping At Home
Nothing compares to the joy of unwrapping wedding gifts in the comfort of your own home. With The Wedding Shop, your chosen presents are delivered directly to your doorstep, creating a sense of anticipation and happiness that resonates beyond the wedding day.

What gifts could you be unwrapping? Think classic homewares like Le Creuset kitchenware to personalised funds and unique experiences. The options are endless! 

Added to List!

The Thank You Manager: Effortless Gratitude
The Wedding Shop's Thank You Manager adds an extra layer of joy to your post-wedding experience. Automatically recording who gifted what, it turns the task of sending thank you cards into a seamless process. No more wed-min stress; just pure joy in expressing gratitude to your loved ones.

Lifetime Joy with 10% Discounts
As the delivery day becomes a cherished memory, The Wedding Shop continues to bring joy into your life. Enjoy a 10% lifetime discount, enabling you to build on the happiness of your wedding day by ordering homewares long after the celebrations are over.

Sharing the Joy with Friends
Spread the joy further by referring friends to The Wedding Shop. Receive £50 in credits when they register and their gift list receives £200 in pledges. Share the joy of great gifts with your friends while adding to the happiness of your own wedding journey.

Delight in Every Detail with The Wedding Shop
From the initial creation of your dream gift list to the moment you unwrap each carefully chosen present, The Wedding Shop ensures that joy is in every step of your wedding experience. Embrace the delight of having wedding presents delivered to your home, creating lasting memories and building a foundation for a lifetime of happiness!

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