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Real Wedding Inspiration: Saffron And Zachary Share Their Story

Real wedding inspiration from Wedding Shop Couple Saffie & Zac. Everything about this real wedding had sentimental value, from Saffron’s bespoke necklace to the order of service.

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Real wedding inspiration is our favourite! There is nobody better to seek ideas from than real couples who have already experienced wedding planning for themselves. We had the opportunity to talk to Saffie and Zac about their wedding gift list experience, read on to hear about their favourite gifts and why they chose The Wedding Shop.

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Your Wedding Planning Advice

Go with your instincts. There will be parts of your wedding that are seen as 'untraditional' or new to a wedding ritual, but these are what will make your day stand out. Keep them in, they're what people will remember! Also, it may feel all about the party, but the ceremony is the most important part really. Build it thoughtfully and sentimentally and think of who you ask to partake in readings etc. The ceremony sets the whole tone, not only for the rest of the day but for the rest of your lives.

What Made Your Wedding Day Unique?

Everything had sentimental value. From the necklace made to match my dress, which was bought on behalf of my grandparents who I never met, to the order of service, illustrated by my 4-year-old godchildren, we made sure everything had meaning. Even the chutney pots at the cheese table were made by Zac's mum and engraved with messages of love and support. Also, we replaced a traditional meal with a seafood and sushi bar, cheese table, cookie wall and a pizza truck. In the middle of London late at night, it felt truly unique!

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What Was Your Experience Like With The Wedding Shop?

Oh, it was just so easy. Everything was so stylised and well presented (even the deliveries themselves!) Also, the 'thank you' portal has been amazing, with 100+ thank yous to do, having the addresses and messages all organised has been a lifesaver. And let’s not forget the stellar customer service.

Why Did You Have A Wedding Gift List?

To pool our gifts. It made it easier for both us and our guests organisation wise, and the whole service feels more boutique and less materialistic. Plus, sometimes you forget what you actually need on a registry, and being prompted via the website was really useful for that.

Added to List!

Were Your Guests Pleased You Had A Gift List And Why?

Yes - who doesn't want to be able to just click a link and find all the information! Also, it saved people who came straight from work to the afternoon wedding having to carry gifts etc. Especially as our space was in the middle of a park, having a gift table might have been risky. All of the Wedding Shop services felt tailor-made to avoid faff for our guests.

What Was Your Favourite Wedding Gift And Why?

Probably our Zebra vase or Monkey bottle holder. They just feel quirky and something that I'll be able to tell my children about one day. Obviously, you really need the cutlery etc, but sometimes it's the less expensive but fun gifts that get your heart racing!

Why Did You Choose The Wedding Shop?

Actually, my wedding planner took one look at me and said this is who I had to use, she said it was very 'up my alley' with the brands she knew I liked. She was right!

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What Is Your Favourite Wedding Day Memory?

Either the speeches (my father wrote an insanely beautiful 15-minute poem in rhyme that had most of the crowd crying/laughing or both) or the service itself. Zac's hand was brushing against mine as both of us sobbed listening to the prayer that was originally read at my Grandmother's funeral. It felt like life had come full circle, and like Zac and I were one.

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