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Wedding Gifts For Couples Who Have Everything They Need

Build a registry that reflects your unique interests and shared hobbies. Discover 35 wedding gifts for couples who have everything at home.

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Are you one of those lucky couples who already have their home fully kitted out? The question then stands: why have a wedding registry?

Well, think of your registry not as a list of homeware items but as a collection of things you truly adore. It's safe to say another set of towels might not cut it. So skip the usual suspects in the homeware department; your gift registry deserves a touch of personalisation.

The beauty of modern wedding gift lists means you can choose between homewares, experiences and funds. From beach towels to sun-soaked boutique stays, your gift choices are endless.

Here are 35 best wedding gift ideas for couples who have everything they need:

Experiences Over Things

For the couples who seemingly have it all, experience gifts are our go-to. We're thinking romantic weekend getaways, gourmet cooking classes and adrenaline-fueled adventures. These unique wedding gifts add even more value to newly married life, and your guests will find joy knowing they're providing you a moment to build shared experiences and memories to cherish for years to come!

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Heirloom Gifts

These extra-special items are more than just gifts - they are forever objects. For example, a beautiful handmade serving platter could accompany countless dinner parties. Over time, these gifts become meaningful symbols of family and tradition, passed down to the next generation.

When choosing a potential heirloom gift, consider your interests and values. What do you love and cherish? What traditions are important to you?

Remember, The Wedding Shop also offers group gifting, so your guests can pool together to buy you those higher-priced heirloom gifts.

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Honeymoon Gifts

Your home is all setup, but what about your honeymoon? If there's one holiday to go all-out in style, it's this one.

Let your guests give you the gift of shared adventures, bouquet stays and maybe even a spontaneous scuba diving lesson. It takes the pressure off your guests stressing about finding you the perfect physical gift. They'll get the satisfaction of gifting you the holiday of a lifetime, and you get to go on it! It's a win-win for all.

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Garden Enhancements

For those with outdoor spaces, using your wedding gift list to give your garden a little TLC is another great gift idea. Whether you're dreaming of a cosy dinner under string lights or a weekend brunch amidst blooming flowers, there are many creative ways to bring new life to your outdoor spaces.

For year-round enjoyment, explore The Wedding Shop's weatherproof furniture and furnishings. Pair with firebowls and log storage to create warmth and ambience on chilly evenings.

For couples who enjoy gardening, we even have a variety of contemporary garden tools and stylish accessories to turn your landscaping dreams into reality. From ergonomic shovels and watering cans to decorative planters and trellises, there's something for every gardener.

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Subscriptions & Hampers

Subscriptions offer the gift of ongoing joy. Whether it's a monthly flower delivery or a curated wine club, these gifts keep the celebration going long after the wedding day. It's a tangible way for friends and family to contribute to your happiness, and the ultimate gift that keeps on giving.

On the other hand, hampers add a touch of luxury and variety. Think gourmet food baskets or even a collection of exotic teas. These gifts are experiences in themselves: an opportunity to indulge in each other's company and savour the finer things in life!

Here are seven of our top picks for brides and grooms:

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The Wedding Shop offers a truly flexible registry service, tailored to every couple's unique needs. From homewares and experiences to personalised funds, you can choose the gifts that mean the most to you.

We also know that choosing gifts for couples who have everything can be difficult for guests. A registry takes the guesswork out of gift-giving, leaving guests confident that their gifts will be loved and appreciated by the happy couple.

The Wedding Shop offers a complete financial guarantee, ensuring that your funds are 100% secure. This means that you can have complete peace of mind, knowing that any gift you add to your list will be honoured in full.


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