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A Grand Whimsical Wedding: Pip & Michael

Step into a fairytale wedding where every moment feels like a royal affair, from Pip and Michael's horse and carriage entrance to a traditional church setting.

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Pip and bridesmaids joyfully celebrate

Pip and Michael's wedding day was nothing short of a fairytale. Learn their secrets to a smooth and relaxing wedding day, the importance of thoughtful planning, and how The Wedding Shop played a pivotal role in creating lasting memories. From a majestic horse and carriage entrance to embracing the charm of traditional gift-giving, Pip and Michael share their unique and heartwarming experiences that made their special day truly one-of-a-kind.

Bride arrives to church with bridesmaids
Pip and flower girls

Wedding Planning Advice

"Plan your timings in advance of the wedding for a smooth and relaxing day. We also made sure to label seating at the wedding to ensure important guests have their spots reserved. And don't forget to include the MOG (mother of the groom) whilst wedding planning - it'll mean a lot to them!"

Traditional wedding styling, pastels and white
wedding menu design
Pip and Michael, wedding portrait

What Made Your Day Unique?

"We had a horse and carriage! It was one of the best decisions I made! The slowed-down pace allowed me to spend some special moments with my parents and flower girls. It was so magical when everyone in the village came out of their houses to wave us to the church. I felt like royalty!"

Wedding cake moment
Pip and Michael confetti moment

Wedding Shop Experience

"It's like Christmas day with all our gifts arriving at once, and our guests really appreciated the variety of options to gift us - whether it was an experience, a voucher, or a tangible product. They preferred the idea of giving something concrete rather than just money. Even with experience vouchers, they felt connected to where their money was going. I'm all for embracing traditions! While cash for honeymoons is popular nowadays, I cherished the thought of mirroring my parents, who still have items in their home that were gifted to them on their wedding day, some 30 years ago.

Using The Wedding Shop was a breeze, and the Thank You Manager tool became our favourite!"

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