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Aynhoe Park Wedding: Wedding Shop Couple Mahrya And Shahnaan's Dream Story

The dream doesn't stop for this Wedding Shop real couple. Discover everything about their chic Aynhoe Park wedding along with their gift list experience.

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bride and groom kiss at their dreamlike aynhoe park wedding

Wedding Shop couple Mahrya and Shahnaan had the wedding of their dreams. We had the opportunity to talk to them about their wedding experience, along with details about their wedding gift list journey.

aynhoe park wedding venue

What Made Your Wedding Day Unique?

Quite simply, it was the wedding of our dreams! Being able to share our day with our friends and family from all around the world was an absolute blessing. Aynhoe Park boasts 28 bedrooms, so most of our guests stayed on the manor, which meant that we were able to host a two-night affair. Our first day began with afternoon tea, followed by our pre-party evening which was full of colour and an ode to our Indian roots. The main day was the perfect extravagant, yet elegant, English country wedding where the party did not stop.

aynhoe park wedding white table setting
 mahrya and shahnaan aynhoe park wedding

Any Wedding Planning Advice?

Planning a wedding is inevitably stressful and can take a toll, especially when trying to balance everything else going on in your life. We would highly recommend having a wedding planner to help bring your day together. Having Rachel (Mirabella Weddings) there from the beginning made the process so seamless and it certainly gave us the opportunity to relax and enjoy our day and the planning process much more.

It’s so important to keep in mind the reason you’re getting married in the first place. Don’t let the stress and pressure of planning get in the way of that. Take a trip together, get away for a weekend with friends - do anything you can to relax, unwind and remind yourself of all the good things.

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Inspiration And Styling 

Our Aynhoe Park wedding theme was formal modern Gatsby - no bright colours and a nod to the decadent 1920s lifestyle. Our venue inspired us with its whimsical charm and historic grandeur, Aynhoe Park served as the perfect unique backdrop for our day. Aynhoe is exquisite enough on its own, (a giraffe floating on balloons at the back of the orangery and a unicorn gracing the piano are just a few of the weird and wonderful quirks that you’ll find there) and with Emma’s flowers so beautifully done, it was like a dream!

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What Is Your Favourite Wedding Day Memory?

Whilst our entire day was so special, our favourite moment would have to be dancing the night away with our nearest and dearest.

Why Did You Have A Wedding Gift List?

It made the process of choosing a gift much easier for our guests. They could see what exactly we wanted/needed, rather than having to guess. Also, we avoided double buys of similar items. We had a range of items, variously priced, so there was a variety to choose from.

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How Did Having A Gift List Help You To Create Or Upgrade Your Newlywed Home?

It allowed us to pick exactly what we wanted for our home, and it gave us the chance to really think about what to add and what not to add. We could add and remove items easily, so it was really convenient! If we thought of something or saw something in a store that we liked, it was really easy to find it on The Wedding Shop and add it to our list.

Were Your Guests Pleased You Had A Gift List And Why?

Yes, we think they were! It made the process of choosing a gift so much simpler and easier.

Why Did You Choose The Wedding Shop?

The Wedding Shop had such a variety of gifts to choose from. Anything we wanted we were able to find on there. They’re also able to source you gifts you see in stores that may not be on their website! The interface is really chic and really easy to navigate and use. We loved using The Wedding Shop and would definitely recommend it to anyone planning their wedding!

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