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Build The Look: Modern Mediterranean Interior Design

Bring the Modern Mediterranean interior style home with our seven simple steps, including gift picks to complete the look.

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modern mediterranean interior design

The Modern Mediterranean interior style borrows its influences from the sun-drenched coasts of Greece to the sweeping deserts of Morocco. Rooted in tradition and culture, it's a timeless aesthetic that has become increasingly popular over the decades, evolving to incorporate modern features. The trend is now paired back and focuses on clean lines. At its heart is a celebration of the outdoors: large windows and open floor plans allow natural light and fresh air to flood in. 

This carefree style is perfect for those who enjoy relaxed and inviting interiors. It can bring your favourite sun-kissed destinations home too. Think summers in Santorini or wind-swept drives through the rolling hills of Tuscany. So how can you use your wedding gift list to build the Modern Mediterranean look? Here are seven simple steps to help you get started:

Anthology Creative Studio

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Create a Modern Mediterranean Style Home in 7 Steps

1. Choose The Right Colours
Mediterranean homes are known for their warm, inviting hues inspired by the sun, sea and sky. Think terracotta, sandy beige, and earthy browns. You can use these colours on your walls, floors, and furniture to create a balanced and warm atmosphere.

We love The Bare Plaster Pack from Coat Paints. Featuring six tones, this paint bundle is perfect for mimicking the look of Mediterranean bare plaster, from baked terracotta to rich beige pink. Use this paint pack to create a harmonious colour palette throughout your home.

2. Add Natural Textures
Natural textures are another hallmark of Mediterranean homes. When choosing finishes or decor, opt for materials such as wood, stone, wrought iron, ceramics and terracotta. Doing this will gently nod to the outdoors and help to bring that Mediterranean climate inside.

We love this Mediterranean bedroom look by Nkuku that centres around the Anika rattan headboard. Handmade by skilled artisans, the use of woven wood creates an authentic connection to the outdoors. Pair with the Adya bed linen set for a harmonious look.

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3. Use Patterned Fabrics 
Patterned fabrics are a staple of Mediterranean interior design. Look for fabrics with bold patterns, such as stripes, checks, or florals, in warm, earthy colours. You can use these fabrics on your curtains, cushions, and upholstery.

Traditional Mediterranean tiles are an essential aspect of Mediterranean interior design too, famous for their vibrant colours and intricate patterns. Handcrafted from natural materials, they come in various sizes and shapes, the most popular tiles being terra cotta, mosaic, zellige, encaustic, and Talavera tiles. Use these tiles as decorative accents for walls, floors, and furniture.

We love Bloomingville's soft furnishings boasting warm hues and intricate motifs. Gently drape the Tiffanie throw over your favourite armchair to introduce a splash of deep blue to your interior. Or bring a hint of rustic charm to any space with the Acen Rug, made from seagrass.

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4. Embrace Natural Light & Minimalism 
Natural light is key to creating that spacious coastal feel. The best way to maximise natural light is to use light colours and minimal decor. 'Less is more' is key here. Opt for linens in white and keep the rest of your room relatively simple and understated. Doing this will allow your linens to stand out and create a focal point while allowing natural light to bounce freely around the room.

We love the Santorini bed linen collection from The White Company, inspired by the crystalline waters and white-washed buildings of the Greek island of Santorini. Santorini is renowned for its luxurious bedding, and this collection is no exception, featuring a luxurious 200-thread-count cotton percale.

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5. Choose Rustic Furniture
Characterised by its timeless and rustic look, Mediterranean furniture is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Common features include intricately carved details, curved lines, and earthy tones. Chairs, tables, and benches are often made from wood and feature ornate designs, while wrought-iron pieces such as chandeliers, candlesticks, and wall sconces are popular decorative accents.

We love Nkuku's collection of handcrafted furniture. From weaving and embroidery to pottery and metalworking, their homewares celebrate the art of traditional craftsmanship found around the globe.

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6. Add Greenery
Incorporating house plants into your interior gently nods to the Mediterranean terrain, known for its warm climate and lush vegetation. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, plants also provide many health benefits, such as purifying the air and reducing stress levels. Common houseplants in Mediterranean interior design include herbs like rosemary and basil and succulents like aloe vera and cactus. These plants are often placed in terracotta pots, which add to the natural, rustic feel of Mediterranean décor.

We love Menu, Patch Plants and Qué Rico. From tropical palm trees and cactuses to wild bananas, Patch Plants offers a variety of indoor and outdoor plants for your home. Pop them in a bright pot from the beautiful Spanish ceramic brand Qué Rico. Finish the look with thoughtfully designed outdoor lighting and planters from Menu. 

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7. Accessorise With Mediterranean-Inspired Decor
When it comes to decor, Mediterranean interiors embrace simplicity. The focus is on natural beauty and texture rather than ornate accessories. Simple decorative accents, such as traditional pottery, vases, and ceramics with a rustic and handcrafted feel, are perfect for adding an authentic Mediterranean touch. Display these items on open shelves, alcoves or console tables to create a focal point in the room. These items add warmth, character, and texture to your space.

We love homewares from Late Afternoon, a brand born between Madrid and London, Costa Nova's dinnerware collection made from Portuguese stoneware, and the Mediterranean-inspired patterns of Maison Margaux's tableware collection.

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There you go! Seven simple steps for creating the Modern Mediterranean interior style in your home, using your wedding gift list, of course! If you're looking for more inspiration, why not browse our gift collections? Or, you could even book a coastal stay at your favourite Mediterranean destination with Mr & Mrs Smith!

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