2020 Wedding Inspiration - Stevie and Rachel share their story

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We are so excited to share with you the story of real couple Stevie and Rachel. They had their wedding change from 140 to 20 guests in Scotland. They got married Saturday 3rd October and it was even more poignant than they could have imagined, despite it looking totally different. On Friday it was sunny, on Sunday it was sunny, but on their wedding day it poured, but somehow they didn’t even really notice!

They have plenty of advice to give as they had many obstacles along the way, getting married in 2020 with numerous hurdles and restrictions. Get ready to be completely filled with love, inspiration and goosebumps. A true reminder that LOVE ALWAYS WINS!

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How We Met

Rachel and I met on a dating app called Salt. It’s mainly for those who want to meet other Christians. I had downloaded it one Friday evening and Rachel was the second person to pop up as a potential. We matched instantly even despite me having little to no information on my profile since I had little hope that an app could help me meet someone. 

We then texted immediately and arranged to meet the next Tuesday at a local coffee shop called Hyndland Fox, in Glasgow’s west end. We began dating and it was apparent we were both on to a winner. One evening I asked her to be my girlfriend whilst driving around a roundabout. She was appalled that I’d do it in such a non-romantic place so said NO then made me ask again when we got back to my flat where she said YES.

The reason I tell you this is because the night I proposed, I told Rachel that we were meeting my sister-in-law at that original roundabout to give her some keys. This was in fact fake news, and it was my way of getting us back to the original roundabout. I gave her a card which said ‘you said no to being my girlfriend here, but will you be my wife here?’ To which she said YES and it then became the world’s most romantic roundabout haha!

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Our wedding was always planned to be on the 3rd of October, however the closer it got, the more we realised that the numbers were not changing. We had invited 140 amazing friends and family and kept them up to date with emails and a personal YouTube video to change things up a little. 

We were always flooded with encouraging and supportive emails which simply showed everyone’s love for us and it showed how many people really wanted to still celebrate us. We were due to be married in Rachel’s church and then have our party at an amazing venue called BAaD Glasgow. We also had an amazing photographer coming from California. Everything obviously had to change and we had to ask nearly all of our guests to not come to our wedding ceremony.

We were able to have 20 people there which was amazing, and we asked all other guests to watch our live ceremony at home with a strawberry tart and a cuppa, then come and see us as we walked round the original botanic gardens that I first caught sight of Rachel before the dating app.

So many were keen to see a socially distanced glimpse of us! We changed our reception to a small private room in a lovely west end venue called the Oran Mor. It was an AMAZING choice.

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The Challenges

THE RAIN - all our photo locations had to change last minute so I’m indebted to our groomsmen and bridesmaids for being so on it! THE PHOTOGRAPHER - Our original guy could not come due to the quarantine restrictions, therefore we asked one of Rachel’s best friends to step in who did like a hero and helped us last minute. We are actually so thankful that we ended up choosing her.

THE CARS - Our wedding driver cancelled a week before the wedding since he had a golf game, so I was scuppered. I saw an amazing brand new Land Rover Defender on my street and I wrote a note and put it on his windscreen asking if he’d drive us since I loved his car. He text me that day and said YES, and that he’d do it free of charge. It was amazing and great to go in my dream car!!

COVID - a week before the wedding we found out Rachel’s sister had COVID which was heartbreaking for Rachel, as her sister was her head bridesmaid. What’s more, is that Rachel’s best friend was told to self-isolate too by the NHS which meant Rachel had lost two key people. I then found out my best friend could not travel up from London for similar reasons. It was just so so crazy. 

BUT….we realised that LOVE WINS, and that is the main thing. We also realised the IDEAL should not be our IDOL in life, and that we should just be happy to have one another.

We have sought joy in all of these challenging times and have kept finding it which is amazing. We are also thankful for our faith, being Christians. During our big day, and amongst the rain we still had an entourage of amazing friends and family waiting for us outside the church and then at the botanic gardens. They waited and waited just to see us - it was just remarkable, but everyone was just full of JOY.

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This is where the WEDDING SHOP comes in - all of those amazing people went to town on our gift list. We were told repeatedly how our list suited us so well, down even to our very Scandi style that we love.

We were covered in love and support. The site is amazing to use and many people told us that they had wished they’d known about it well before now. The colour scheme and layout just entice you in and we are so pleased to have used the site. In fact, we JUST placed our huge order last night and can’t wait for it all to arrive.

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Apart from the tips given above, we would say this: Love and joy are a choice. You can choose to pursue them and go for them in all you do, or you can choose the negative and dark elements of the world that pull you down. There were so many of those for us, and in fact, there still are. At this point, our travel plans may have to be cancelled for our honeymoon this Saturday, of which we would be utterly devastated as we are just exhausted. 

But we have each other, and to look into each others’ eyes on Saturday and promise each other our lives, through thick and thin, is something that totally wipes out all darkness brought about by COVID. Choose love and joy at all times, not just when you come to plan your wedding. 

If we don’t get to go on our honeymoon we will order a sandpit and some deck chairs and it’ll be just the ticket!

 Photography: Alice McCabe (@alicemccphotos) and Fiona Cook (@montagueandwest)

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