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Wedding Insurance: Where To Start And What To Think About

Wedding insurance may seem optional, but be sure to consider the pros and cons before choosing, as it may affect your wedding planning. Read on for advice and tips on where to start.

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Wedding insurance may seem like an optional element for your wedding day, but is a very important consideration and should be treated with top priority as early as you can in your planning process.

Chances are that your wedding day will come and go without any need for insurance. But if you do end up with something that impacts your day, it could save you a lot of money (and peace of mind). Adequate cover is also not as expensive as you may think, but more on that later.

Where To Start With Wedding Insurance

First, it may be helpful to think about whether you need specific wedding insurance in the first place. If you're paying for your wedding goods and services via a credit card and something goes awry, you may be able to claim your money back via your credit card company. This is based on the card terms and conditions and whether or not the supplier in question was in breach of contract. It is also worth checking your home insurance, especially if you pay for a premium as this may cover all or part of your wedding and could save you from doubling up on insurance costs.

If, however, you know you’re not covered, then let’s discuss why wedding insurance is a good idea.

Wedding Insurance

could save you a lot of money (and peace of mind)

wedding insurance: catering and venue protection

Whilst we would all like to assume that our booked venue or suppliers will not go out of business, having any inside knowledge of the finances and operations of most businesses means that we can never be entirely sure. Although this is unfortunate, you want to be certain you can afford to rebook another supplier by recouping your costs from an insurer.

Wedding insurance can also cover unforeseen circumstances such as floods and fires. As we know now more than ever, weather and global affairs can be pretty unpredictable, no matter what time of year. Some policies will also cover theft and damage to wedding outfits, family illnesses (although most now do not cover COVID-19 disruption) and a variety of unforeseen circumstances. Policies will differ so please consult your chosen insurance company for specifics.

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Read The Fine Print

Be aware of any excess you may be charged and for which section of cover. For instance, your cancellation excess amount may be different to the public liability excess amount.  Find out what your insurer's stance is on any pre-existing medical conditions for yourself or the wedding party. Some insurers cover these, some do not. 

As with all insurance purchases, it is always worth sitting down and taking a good look through the policy details. Be clear on where you're covered and where you aren't before taking out a policy to ensure you are protected in the areas that mean most to you or that you consider being a potential risk.

How Much Does Wedding Insurance Cost?

Wedding insurance is typically a one-off payment and can start from £20 and range right up to £300 depending on the total projected cost of your wedding and what type of cover you require. Cover for a £20,000 wedding can be around £60. At just 0.3% of your total wedding spend (that could end up saving you £20,000), it’s an investment in peace of mind that we think is worth it. 

There are several wedding insurance comparison sites available to allow you to compare premiums, excess and policies to find the best cover for you and your day.

Does The Wedding Shop Gift List Have A Financial Guarantee?

Whilst you are thinking about wedding insurance, let us remind you that your wedding gift list is completely secure. 

At The Wedding Shop, we have established a separate ring-fenced Trust Account to give you complete peace of mind and financial guarantee.

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