Meet The Maker - Go Behind The Scenes of The Wedding Shop's Brand Partners

Pottery throwing hero

Meet the maker, as we take you behind the scenes of some of our brand partners. Explore the craftsmanship that goes into bringing you wedding gifts that are built to last. Have you ever thought about the stories behind the wedding gifts you choose? Let us share some insight with you. Think hand-painted tableware through to mouth-blown vases, the gifts that will bring you joy for years to come. 

Meet the Maker - Alice Peto

Alice Peto is an artist who translates her work into ceramics. Her collections are all hand-drawn. Bringing her unique personality, vision and artistic sensibility to everything she creates. Her quintessentially English designs bring beauty and joyfulness to everyday living. The inspiration to create her own collection of tableware came about when she was buying gifts for friends’ weddings. Alice wanted to make distinctive, visually striking china that was also delicate and elegant.

Alice peto hand painted ceramics - meet the maker
Alice Peto

 Meet the Maker - Artisanne

The makers behind Artisanne are two sisters. London-based Elizabeth, and Emma who lived in Senegal for six years. In the beginning, Elizabeth started bringing baskets home as presents every time she visited Emma. Their friends and family loved them so they found ways to bring the work of these talented weavers to European homes.

Artisanne prides itself on exceptionally high quality. The Fair Trade baskets are skillfully handwoven in remote villages near Thiès in Senegal. Emma and Elizabeth work directly with the weavers. With no middlemen involved to help ensure the women earn a regular, fair and secure income for their products.

Artisanne woven baskets

 Meet the Maker - Atlas & I 

The Wedding Shop team have had the opportunity to meet the maker behind Atlas & I in their London studio. It is there, where they design and create unique and charming memorabilia from old maps. The products are made to order, featuring a location that tells a story. It could be a map celebrating the place you got engaged. Or the place you call home, the possibilities are endless with antique maps available worldwide.

Atlas and I hand made maps
Atlas & I

 Meet the Maker - Iittala

Although Iittala’s products may look pure and simple in form, making them is far from easy. There’s a vast amount of human skills, and knowledge needed to create their designs. The brand prides itself on pushing the boundaries of what is possible. A team of skilled glassblowers, designers, and other professionals come together to make Iittala what it is. 

Whatsmore, they create aesthetically and functionally durable products. Gifts that bring joy to every day. They are against throwawayism and believe people have the right to expect the design they buy to last a lifetime. 

Hand crafted Iittala vase

 Meet the Maker - Kaymet 

Kaymet has been hand-making aluminum trays in their London factory in Peckham since 1947. In April 2018 they received a Royal Warrant of Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen. Some 70 years after they first supplied Kaymet wares to the British royal family. In April 2020 they won a prestigious Queen's Award for Enterprise in the International Trade category.

Kaymet factory London - meet the maker

 Meet the Maker - London Pottery 

Meet the maker behind the vibrant collection of British-made designer teapots. Ideal for the modern tea party. London pottery was founded by the ceramic designer David Birch. David has now had over 40 very successful years in the business of ceramic design and pottery supply. He combines good design with well-researched manufacturing. Meaning his iconic designs are the perfect example of form and functionality working together. And constantly being updated to fit in modern kitchens.

London Pottery tea pot throwing
London Pottery

Meet the Maker - Nkuku

Nkuku was founded on the back of a life-changing adventure when the owners set off on a year-long round trip. Ali and Alex were inspired by craftsmanship around the world on their travels. So on their return to London, they moved to Devon and started working with artisans across the world. To celebrate their skills and bring their products to a wider audience. Nkuku is proud of the great deal of character and personalities of the artisans. Meet the maker and discover the artisans stories here.


Meet the Maker - Waterford

For over 200 years, Waterford has produced hand-crafted luxury crystal. Whilst the fine art of crafting luxury crystal has benefited from two centuries of technological advances, the 21st-century process would not be unfamiliar to the 18th-century founders, George and William Penrose. Their Master Craftsmen possess exemplary artisanal talent. Each must complete an eight-year-long apprenticeship. To learn each skill required before mastering these techniques through decades of perfection. They transform the finest raw materials into the pinnacle of luxury crystal.

Find out more about the design, molding, blowing, hand-making, cutting, polishing, sculpting, and inspection process here.

Waterford Crystal

Meet the Maker - Wedgwood

Wedgdwood began 260 years ago since Josiah Wedgwood began to inspire people all over the world to decorate and dress their tables. Steeped in rich heritage, Wedgwood is renowned for quality and innovative British design. The craftsmen continue to create contemporary collections that make each day beautiful. Precious skills are preserved through a solid apprenticeship program. Reintroduced to meet the growing global demand for some of Wedgwood's most exclusive signature pieces. Apprentices train for up to 10 years to become Master Craftspeople.

Take a look at  Wedgwood’s timeline of 260 years of creation and innovation here.


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