How It Works

At The Wedding Shop you’ll find unrivalled choice, flexibility and exceptional service - all in one place.Start your list


At The Wedding Shop, you can choose from a range of branded products, experiences, charity and honeymoon contributions. You can visit one of our showrooms or build your list online or via our app. You will be assigned a Gift Guru to help with every step of your gift list journey. We’ll make sure you’ve got plenty of gifts added to your list, so your guests have plenty of options.



Guests love to see your personality shine through your gift list. You can personalise it by adding a couple image and a welcome message for your guests. We’ll give you a unique URL or insert cards to share your list with guests. You can arrange your list in whatever order you prefer, and we’ll make it easy for them to pick the perfect gift.

“We’ll make your gift list experience memorable, meaningful and a lot of fun.

Be Notified

Guests will shop your gift list like any other online store. Once they purchase a gift, we’ll notify you and keep you informed. If they need any extra help, we’re only a phone call or a live chat away. We’ll keep the details of each pledged gift on your Thank You Manager to make it super easy to thank your guests after the big day.



You’ll have full flexibility to swap gifts with any of our branded products if you happen to change your mind. We make it easy to order your gifts and we will store them free of charge for up to six months. You can have up to two free deliveries and we’ll arrange for your gifts to be delivered at a time that suits you.

“We’re not just with you for the build-up, but for the entire ride.

Happy Ever After

We’ll make your newlywed life even better with a 20% discount on any top-up gifts you add to your order once your balance is spent. You’ll also have a further lifetime 10% discount on any of our branded products to help you make your house a home.