How to greenify your space in collaboration with Patch Plants

Do you want to greenify your space with outdoor and indoor plants but are unsure where to start? We are here to help.

We all know the benefits of plants by now, with research showing how plants have been proven to lower stress levels and improve productivity. But that’s not to say we all know where to begin with greenifying our spaces. So, if you aren’t a natural-born plant parent, we've collaborated with our Brand partners Patch Plants to bring you our advice on plants, for both indoors and out.

Which plants should I choose for my indoor garden?

The best thing to do before buying a houseplant is to think about where you will put it in relation to the window. The vast majority of houseplants like to be quite close to nice bright windows but often a tiny bit set back in order to avoid the potential damage that direct sun can cause if it hits the leaves! You can’t go too far wrong with snake plants, peace lilies and ZZ plants as good ones to start with if you are new to houseplants!

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How can I keep my indoor plants alive?

The plants that are best suited to indoor environments are typically those that grow in tropical regions of the world where temperatures are quite warm but also where the light exposure is relatively low. This is because a lot of plants that do well indoors are typically growing under the shade/partial shade of other larger species in their native environments (With the exception of sun-loving cacti and succulents!).   Once you’ve chosen the plants for your space, get to know their care requirements - especially light and watering needs.

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Where should I put my indoor plants? 

Whenever you’re arranging plants they’ll always look better in odd numbers. Even numbers can look a bit formal, which is great if that’s the look you want, but for something more inviting and casual, keep it odd. 

Think of plants as living decoration and the possibilities are endless. One of the best things about them is they’re completely portable, so you can rearrange your plants to fit your mood or style changes.

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Two top tips for growing plants at home

Two top tips for growing plants at home

  1. Invest in high-quality plants. There’s a big difference between buying plants from a supermarket and buying from a reputable plant retailer. It costs a bit more but they’ll be far harder to kill. - All our plants at Patch are grade A quality assured. 
  2. Do some research before you get started. For example, choosing the right home for a plant in your space i.e. a sunny vs. shady spot is half the battle of setting up the right environment for it to survive. We have great care instructions for each of the plants we sell on their product page, and we also have a free care course that you can sign-up to help you.

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Patch Plants help you discover the best plants for your space. Whatsmore, you can now add Patch Plants to your wedding gift list. So you can greenify your home with your gift list. If you liked this article we think you might also love our Garden Essentials Collection, Or explore our whole Garden and DIY category.