Wireworks was founded in London in 1988, their first designs were made from wire and are now manufactured using sustainable hardwood with a variety of finishes and bespoke fittings. Each piece is different in colour, grain character and natural wood features making them truly unique. Product designs are considered carefully to create aesthetic appearances and optimal functionality for the contemporary home.

The majority of Wireworks oak comes from America. Unlike tropical hardwoods where forestry practices often harm the environment by felling trees that are rare, take many hundreds of years to grow and will never be re-planted, all their trees are legally harvested and considered 'low risk'. This means they are sustainable. Wireworks bamboo is sourced and engineered in the Anji Mountains of China. The team regularly visit the forests and see it being cut, split, dried, and made into boards. All this happens within a few miles of where the bamboo grows. Harvested bamboo doesn't even need planting, it sprouts from the living roots. So after harvesting, it re-grows to maturity in just 4 years - for sustainability this ticks every box.

Wireworks don’t just design a product, they design the whole experience, hands-on end to end, this is visible in the high-quality products that make up their stylish collections.