Niels Andreas Christensen started Morsø Foundry in 1853, for the production of stable windows, grave crosses and tools to saucepans, pots and pans. Wood-burners and tiled stoves came later around the turn of the century when Morsø began to produce tiled stoves and heaters to schools, churches and even the royal household. Morsø have a long tradition of inviting the most talented designers to work their magic on their new wood-burning stoves. Since 2010, Klaus Rath has been the head designer and created the current Morso Forno stove. 

Air quality is important to Morsø and they endeavour to provide their customers with the highest quality wood burners to ensure this. Constant research and innovation has led to stoves that are amongst the most efficient wood-burning stoves in the world, making them an environmentally responsible heat source. Morsø’s wood-burning stoves meet some of the strictest environmental standards, including the Nordic Swan Eco Label. Morsø is at the forefront of the EcoDesign 2022 standards, and they have demonstrably reduced the emissions of particles to an absolute minimum by using refined combustion technology together with an advanced purification system.