Weaver Green

After travelling in Asia and discovering the locals making strong fishing ropes from unravelled plastic bottles, founders Tasha and Barney were inspired to create gorgeous soft furnishings that would be made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. The couple managed to create the perfect textile that not only has the look and feel of wool but is also machine washable, stain-resistant, environmentally friendly and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
Using ethical and eco-friendly trade practices, Weaver Green products are also classically designed to compliment all styles of home and decor. They take care to ensure that everyone involved in the process of turning a discarded plastic bottle into a beautiful accessory is treated fairly and paid accordingly. Their South East Asian and Turkish weavers are independently inspected to ensure the safe and fair working conditions of their craftsmen and women, while they finish all of their textiles in their Devon-based rug rooms, so you can be sure that you are supporting a truly ethical company.