When Yngve Ekström founded Swedese in 1945, the quality of the product was the most essential principle. He believed that furniture should not only be beautiful enough to be loved for a lifetime but be able to be inherited from one generation to another. 70 years later, Swedese works on exactly the same principle. Over the years, new insights have broadened the company's idea of the concept of quality - it now includes protecting nature’s diversity and defending Earth’s various ecosystems. Yngve’s legacy is about creating beautiful furniture that lasts: for use in the here in now and for your great-grandchildren. They make sure sustainable quality is in everything they produce, from the design to material selection, and through all processes of craftsmanship and production.

In terms of ethical production, Swedese take responsibility for their employees and are also careful to check the working conditions of the external producers they hire and build long-term relationships with. In a broader perspective, they also endeavour to work for human rights and against ills such as corruption, unhealthy or discriminatory workplaces and child labour.