The Ruffoni family has been hand-crafting prestigious cookware in Omegna for generations. 

A thing or two have changed since Antonio made his first copper pan in 1931. His successors Fremide, Armida, Walter, Rita, Lorenzo, Laura and Giulia have all contributed ideas, love and effort to grow the family business; the product range has expanded to meet the needs of today’s home chefs; and international distribution has brought the Ruffoni name to places that the humble artisan could have never dreamt of.

But for all the growth and novelty, much more has stayed the same. The Ruffoni family, deeply rooted in the Northern Piemonte region of Italy, continues to make cookware the way it always has: lovingly handcrafted in Omegna, every piece upholds its history and tradition, with an unwavering commitment to beauty, functionality and the joy of conviviality.