Richard Bramble

Richard always wanted to create a range on porcelain for home use, so he developed and refined his original plate designs from the 'Star Chefs Cook Book' days and with Jersey Pottery chose whiteware pieces in fine Limoges porcelain to create a new range. Over the years the range has moved onto fine Bohemia porcelain. Bohemia is an area just outside Prague well known for its quality of porcelain and glass crystal. The move maintained the quality but kept the items affordable.

The collection has expanded with a complementary range of tablemats, cutting boards, textiles and greeting cards which are all made in the UK and British bone china mugs, jugs and kitchen accessories. Various specific commissions from companies (like the cheesemongers Paxton & Whitfield creating the cheese plate range) have helped support development of the collection.

Since 2016 Richard designs and manages production of all his own ranges.

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