Nkuku is founded on three values: Ethical, Eco-friendly and Handmade.  The idea of Nkuku came from a year out from working life, travelling mainly through Africa and India. The founders wanted to find a way to promote and develop the traditional skills of the artisans they met along the way, whilst building a sustainable business, and in the process improve the challenging living standards and restricted opportunities that many artisans endured. They have always been passionate about working with sustainable, natural and reclaimed materials and their collections are largely based on a set of core materials, which demonstrate this.

As a company, an important consideration when developing a new product is to question its impact on the environment. Nkuku use eco- friendly jute and hemp in the creation of our rugs, baskets and upholstery; their kitchen collections and furniture are made with sustainable mango wood, only harvested once the trees have stopped bearing fruit; all our glassware is made from recycled glass. As well as taking care with the materials they work with, Nkuku also care about how things are made; celebrating handmade skills and techniques, this is not just because we appreciate the quality of a handmade piece but because the age-old traditions and processes are often more sustainable. The work is often more complex and it takes considerably longer but we think it is worth the wait.