In 1867, Adrien Celeste Pillon, a priest in the small village of Ercuis, founded a company specialising in artistic silverware, relief enamel, copper and silver plating, gilding and wire drawing. Since then Ercuis has become one of the leading silversmiths in France, famous for their exclusive silver products with unique modern designs. The silver professionals elevate flatware to a whole new level: the accessory becomes an essential decorative element in its own right, and the prominent feature of every table.

Apart from sterling silver and silver plated cutlery, Ercuis also offers numerous other original and exclusive tableware products. Their collections perpetuate tradition through the works of craftsmen and creators who blend modernity with a strong basis of experience and demand for quality, fine detailing and passion. The hotel sector has provided a major source of clients: from the early 20th century Ercuis has supplied the top hotels of the Riviera and the Basque coast.Today, one finds the flowing elegant forms of the elegant silverware from Ercuis in luxury hotels, on the tables of top restaurants and throughout stylish homes across the world.