In 1985, Meyer created Circulon, the original hard-anodized non-stick cookware. With 25 years of cookware innovations, the brand is world-renowned of gourmet non-stick cookware engineered to make home cooking fast, easy, healthy and delicious. Circulon engineers were the first in the industry to combine the superior strength and heat distribution of hard-anodized aluminium with a durable non-stick system, creating a unique and unprecedented type of cookware. For the first time, consumers enjoyed the convenience of non-stick cookware, the strength of stainless steel plus the performance and features of a professional pan.

Circulon and its “Food Won’t Stick for 10 Years” claim also revolutionized the non-stick cookware industry. Before that, non-stick cookware didn’t offer guarantees or warranties. Today, all Circulon cookware comes with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee.