Established in 1851, this fine pottery business has been manufacturing high quality pure English ceramics for over 150 years. The name Burleigh Ware is renowned the world over and is associated with fine craftsmanship and a traditional manufacturing process of the highest standard. Dedicated to making pottery the traditional way, the craftsmen at Burleigh use good quality raw materials and still hand decorate their earthenware product using the underglaze transfer printing method. Although blue and white is their specialty with Calico, Asiatic Pheasants and Arden being their most famous designs, the company is constantly updating their colour palette, producing patterns in pink, plum, black and red. Patterns are designed to be used singly or in a mix and match fashion of your liking. Known as the antiques of tomorrow, Burleigh pottery design is a lovely way to add a flare of antiquity to your table top.