Founded by two sisters, Elizabeth and Emma, while discovering Senegal and the local's passion for traditional weaving. Artisanne baskets are a beautiful blend of traditional Senegalese weaving techniques passed down from mother to daughter, and modern designs which combine to create household storage that’s stylish, practical and highly distinctive. Their collection of fair trade baskets are skilfully handwoven in remote villages near Thiès in Senegal. Artisanne deal directly with the weavers – with no middlemen involved, to ensure that the women earn a regular, fair and secure income for their creations. The close relationship between Artisanne and the artisans allows them to design their own styles while guaranteeing the exceptional quality for which Artisanne is renowned. 

All baskets are weaved from sustainable ndiorohk grasses intertwined with long strips of salvaged plastic traditionally used for making bazin mats, similar to prayer mats. Artisanne also launched ‘Journey to Learning’ in 2018 to provide transport to and from school for weavers’ children who used to have to walk the 10km round trip in 40C temperatures. They kick-started the initiative by donating 100% from a sale of their products and now donate 10% of all profits to ensure daily school travel. For all your practical and stylish storage solutions, Artisanne has the ideal collection of products, all while giving a little back to the skilled artisans.