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Our Gift Gurus give their expert advice on gift list building. To guide you through your gift list experience we have a team of knowledgeable Gift Gurus, here are some answers to the questions existing and previous couples have asked. The most important thing to remember is to have fun!


A few of our married friends have told us that we need to have a gift list otherwise we will receive lots of unwanted gifts that we may not need or want. We hadn’t really planned on having a registry as we felt it might be a bit presumptuous, but now we are in two minds. Please help.

Your wedding guests will absolutely want to gift you something that will mark your special day; it’s a lovely tradition that is thankfully not showing any sign of dying out! Having a gift list makes it easier for both you and your guests. Having a list also gives you the opportunity to ask for something that is truly meaningful to you both and gives your guests confidence that they are gifting you something you will love. You can use our complimentary notification cards with your invitations which is a modest way to notify your guests that you have a list should they wish to buy you a gift.

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We are about to register with The Wedding Shop, we love that the service is so flexible and there is so much to choose from, but we don’t know where to start!? There is so much we need as we are moving into our new house soon, but some inspiration would really help.

You are certainly not alone and that is exactly what we are here for! With unlimited choice it really can be difficult to know where to start, but when you register with The Wedding Shop you will be designated your own Gift Guru who will see you through your whole gift list journey. You can visit one of our five showrooms to see the gifts and chat with your Gift Guru in person, or you can simply chat online or over the phone. We also have an app which our couples tell us gives them plenty of ideas. Our website has lots of inspiration lists to get you started too, from trend lists to starter collections and even expert lists. If you need interior design guidance, you could always add an interior design consultation package to your list from our partners Homewings.

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How far in advance can we set up our gift list? I have a few weeks off work to focus on planning for our wedding, so I would like to use some of this time to get our gift list together and include it on our invites. We won’t be sending out the invitations for a few months yet does this matter?

Great question! Setting up your gift list in plenty of time gives you the chance to really think about what you would like. If you find you have changed your mind about some of the gifts by the time your guests start purchasing things, fear not, The Wedding Shop gives you the flexibility to swap gifts too. It is a good idea to make sure you have your list set up before you send out your invites, so you can mention the list on those, or include our complimentary notification cards. We recommend you share your list with your guests typically three months before your wedding date.

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We are setting up our gift list but how much should we add? Matt suggested one gift per guest, but I thought this may seem a bit greedy?

You will be very surprised by the generosity of your guests; our couples always tell us that they receive more than they ever expected. With this in mind, we recommend adding more gifts to your list than you think you need. This will give your guests choice and ensure they find something they are happy with too. Think about different price points to suit a variety of different budgets. Also, if you are planning on having cash funds, maybe also include some physical gift options too so you have a range of options suitable to all guests, as some guests still prefer to give a physical item.

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We are only just starting to think about having a gift list and have researched a few different services which all seem great, so we are wondering what makes The Wedding Shop different?

Best question yet! Well, where to start…Our service is all about choice, flexibility and exceptional service all in one place – what more could you want? Come visit us in one our five showrooms (including our new shiny townhouse!) or build your list entirely online using our website or app. What’s more, we won’t charge you a penny and we promise a personal service that will make your experience stress-free and seamless – just what you need after all the other wedmin. We also ensure that all your guests purchases are 100% secure, which is another weight off your mind. And just when you thought you had heard the best of it, things get even better: we offer all our couples a lifetime 10% discount on all our brands after your gift list journey ends. If you need any more convincing one of our Gift Gurus will be happy to get in touch!

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