Wedding Registry - When Should We Start?

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We know it isn’t always obvious where in your wedding planning timeline your wedding registry should sit, so we are here to help.

When should we set up our wedding registry?

The sweet spot for creating your wedding registry is between 6-9 months before your wedding day, and ideally no later than 3 months before.

Why do we need 6-9 months to set up our wedding registry?

This is because usually, couples send out their wedding invitations around 3 months before the big day. You will want to mention your wedding registry with the invite or on your wedding website.

So, 6-9 months gives you plenty of time to set up your registry and really consider the gifts you want and need. Even if you create your list, get inspiration, and then finalise it closer to the day, it is great to mention your list on your invites to save you from sending numerous replies to “what shall we get you for your wedding?”.

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Leave time to visit a showroom and get expert advice

If you would like to visit a showroom or get to know your Wedding Shop Gift Guru online, 6-9 months gives you plenty of time to do so. Don’t worry if you are reading this just weeks away from your big day, we can help you at every stage of your gift list journey. Book your appointment here.

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Think about when your guests will buy from your list

It is a good idea to publish your wedding gift list before you send out your wedding invitations, this will make it visible to your guests. You may find some wedding guests will buy you a gift as soon as you notify them about your wedding registry. We provide complimentary cards to include with your invites, to let your friends and family know how to find your list.

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Give yourself time to personalise your list

When creating your wedding registry we recommend leaving enough time to really make your gift list personal to you. This will help inspire your guests and give them choice. 

To personalise your list, you can add a profile photo of you both. You can also change the background image and write a personal message for your guests to see. You can change the order of your gifts and write notes about each of them, explaining why you would like them. You can also create a unique URL that you can share with your guests for them to buy from.

You can do all of this when you log in to your Wedding Shop Account, under Your List. 

Most importantly, make your list personal to you with the gifts you choose. Take time to pick out the pieces that you both love. With hundreds of incredible products, experiences, cash funds, charity donations and subscriptions, you can have a little bit of everything you fancy. 

(Inside scoop: We see a lots of couples creating their lists at Christmas. A time when many have downtime to really think about the gifts they love, but also a time when a lot of Christmas proposals happen. Proof that it isn’t unheard of to create your wedding registry as soon as you get engaged.)

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