Wedding gift lists - what exactly are they?

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We may be a little biased when we say that creating your wedding gift list is one of the most fun parts of wedding planning. But let's start with the basics, what exactly is a wedding gift list?

What is a wedding gift list?

A wedding gift list is a service provided for engaged couples to curate a selection of desired gifts for their wedding guests to shop from. Making wedding gifting and communication seamless for both wedding guests and couples. A wedding gift list allows you to keep all your wedding gift admin in one place. Get gift advice from professional gift list experts ‘Gift Gurus’ and arrange delivery at a time convenient to you. 

Your guests will thank you for having a gift list, so that they can rest in knowing that they will be giving you something that you love.

example of a couple's wedding gift list on the wedding shop website

What is a modern wedding gift list?

Traditionally, couples would have a wedding gift list in a department store. Guests would have to visit a store to buy gifts. Fast forward 30 years and you now have a wedding gift list service that has it all.

Choose a gift list like The Wedding Shop and you have over 450 brands to choose from. You can combine products you love, with honeymoon funds, cash contributions, charity donations, experiences and subscriptions. 

You can build your wedding gift list online from the comfort of your sofa with your laptop. Or, out and about if you are using The Wedding Shop gift list app. 

You can also visit one of The Wedding Shop’s four showrooms. This includes the flagship four-storey London Townhouse, where you can explore hundreds of gifts in a home setting. If you prefer the idea of the department store, The Wedding Shop is the official gift list partner at Selfridges and we have a showroom there too. You can also have a virtual appointment if this feels more you.

a modern wedding gift list is online and flexible

Why wedding gift lists give you flexibility

With so many gift options you can build a list that is unique to you both. Your guests can breathe a sigh of relief and choose the perfect gift from a list that is meaningful to you. You can even give your guests the flexibility to pool together and group gift you something that you and your partner have always dreamed of.

It doesn't stop at traditional wedding gifts, hybrid gift lists like The Wedding Shop let you list pretty much anything you want. If there is something we don’t already have from our 450 Brand Partners, you can add up to ten gifts from any UK retailer. 

Choosing different price points for your list helps guests with a range of different budgets. You can use the Wedding Shop calculator to help you do the math. 

With us, aside from endless gift list options, you have the flexibility to swap your gifts. We don't order in the gifts your guests have pledged until you've given us the final nod.

flexible wedding gift list

Why wedding gift lists are a good idea for couples and guests

Having a list makes it easy for your guests to get you the gifts that you really want and need. Our survey shows that 99% of guests attending a wedding will give couples a wedding gift. 70% of those wedding guests want to give physical wedding presents that you and your partner will enjoy together throughout your married life.

Gift lists also make it easier on your wedding day. One, because your friends and family don't have to worry about bringing the gift along. Two, you don't have to worry about ensuring everything is safe. Or, make space for a table full of gifts, that could get in the way or be difficult to get home. 

Let the technology do the work and leave personal notes when asking for the gifts you love. It makes it a lovely experience for your guests to understand why you are choosing certain gifts. You can also create a personalised URL, upload a profile photo and choose a background image to bring your list to life. 

An online wedding gift list service allows you to build your dream list that is completely unique to you and your other half. Whether you choose to list a Sonos' sound system that will transform your Friday nights and Sunday mornings or gorgeous finishing touches to really make your house a home, a wedding gift list is a one-stop-shop for your guests to choose something that you will both love. 

Now we know that is a lot of information! If you are newly engaged it can be a whirlwind trying to remember everything. So, we have a 5 step guide to show you exactly how wedding gift lists work.

couple enjoying the wedding gifts from their list - things they really want