Wedding registry gifts to bring you joy

couple cooking breakfast with wedding registry gifts

We have rounded up the ultimate wedding registry gifts guide to bring you joy. Whilst wedding planning would usually be an exciting time, the result of the global pandemic means couples are now faced with difficult decisions. One thing that can remain unchanged is choosing your wedding registry gifts.

Enjoy some escapism to help you plan for your future together at home. 

Keep the flame alive

Whether you are looking to light a candle to practice self-care or want to add some romance to your home, there are so many reasons why candles will bring joy. Have you ever noticed that scents can take you away to a different place and can trigger memories? Scents can also be great for self-expression when a scent is personal to you and your home. A good scent can create ambience and atmosphere and are all-round great for your well-being, making candles the perfect wedding registry gifts. 


There are several reasons why coffee can help to boost your mood.

From warming your hands to giving you a burst of energy, for coffee aficionados, a cup of good coffee can be the reason to wake up happy. Wake up and smell the coffee, start by exploring wedding registry gifts in our Coffee lovers collection.

Dress for happiness

Give yourself a dose of escapism for positive feelings with a comfy dressing gown. A robe isn’t just an alternative to getting dressed, but the right one can bring glamour to your at-home life. Why not add matching robes to your list of wedding registry gifts and create a spa-like retreat at home with the Barnes robes from blush & blue.

Design to delight 

We may not always realise it but our home-style choices can directly impact our mood. Your home is an extension of you, so your interior choices should reflect your personality. Something as small as soft furnishings can work wonders to create an uplifting home. From texture to colour, shape and fabric there are small ways you can create a calm and happy place that will boost your mood. Start by exploring our soft furnishings collections and add wedding registry gifts that your home will thank you for. 

Feel good with flowers 

Anything that brings us closer to nature will help to bring joy. The blossoming of a flower can help us to feel like something special is coming. The colours can also help to release positivity and optimism and make us feel closer to our loved ones.

From monthly flower subscriptions to unique vases, you can use your wedding registry gifts to bring you happiness.

Pizza Party 

Whatever the question, pizza can always be the answer. Carbs create serotonin and serotonin makes us happy. Throwing a pizza party for two at home can bring you joy. Especially when you cook it yourself and let the smells drift through your home. Explore wedding registry gifts for the perfect pizza party at home. 

Game Changer

Release your inner child to enjoy life more fully. Bring on the endorphins. When you're enjoying a good game you will feel happier in moments. Explore games to gift. 

Light it up 

Lift your mood with energetic lighting. It has been scientifically proven that good lighting can have a direct impact on your hormone balance and brain function. Use lighting to influence your happiness. The Lumie bodyclock spark springs to mind.

Sentimental moments 

Gifts that remind you of special memories can promote nostalgia. Nostalgia can often help us to feel happier and increase our self-confidence. As well as help us to feel closer to our loved ones. Explore wedding registry gifts that are made to cherish sentimental moments and to hold on to happy memories.

Looking For More Wedding Registry Gifts To Bring You Joy?

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