Advice for thriving through the pandemic together

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Engaged during a pandemic? Whilst everyone is facing difficult challenges of their own, don’t feel like you have to navigate this alone. With no normalcy in sight for planning a wedding,  8 real couples share their advice to continue thriving through the pandemic together.

Communicate with your guests 

“Whilst planning our wedding during the pandemic last year we really struggled with friends and family sending us messages saying ‘oh have you seen this news’ what will you do now, is it on is it off etc. We put together a text basically saying we understand that everyone is looking out for us and it’s very hard planning at the moment so we will reach out to them when and if anything changes. It just took the constant questions away which was nice.” 

Lorna & Richard’s August wedding plans were changed but were grateful to be able to marry after being engaged for two years.

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Autumnal intimate wedding

Keep hold of what is important 

"Make sure you don’t plan something that is going to be difficult and stressful the whole way through. Life is too short for that. After all, it is just one day and it is about marriage rather than a wedding. Keep hold of what is actually important. Remember to enjoy it all. Take it all in. This is such a special time, and it is about you as a couple, not necessarily about the destination or the large guest list. Small and intimate may be the way forward!" - Olivia & Jamie 

Olivia and Jamie had to change their destination wedding plans and got married at their 30 guest wedding in September.

Photographer: David Pullum

Know that you can stand tall when you are together 

"Love and joy are a choice. You can choose to pursue them and go for them in all you do, or you can choose the negative and dark elements of the world pull you down. There were so many of those for us, and in fact, there still are. But we have each other, and to look into each others’ eyes and promise each other our lives, through thick and thin, is something that totally wipes out all darkness brought about by COVID. Choose love and joy at all times." - Stevie

Stevie and Rachel had hoped to invite 140 guests to celebrate their big day but as their plans had to change they got married in October 2020 with 20 of their close family and friends.

Photography: Alice McCabe

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Share the load 

"Be flexible and adaptable and also don’t hesitate to check in with those you love and trust so that you can get help when you are struggling. I had a bridesmaids WhatsApp group which brought me lots of joy and laughter when it felt like everything was overwhelming and up in the air. Remember that the love that you and your partner have for one another will get you through this time, whether you have to change plans drastically or postpone, you will be able to have your day eventually and it will be a really special day no matter what." - Caitlin

Caitlin & Jack planned to get married in October 2020 but had to bring their date forward and plan their wedding in three days, to enable them to have 30 guests before the restrictions were changed.

Photography: Jordan Mary Photography 

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Take pride in your resilience

"Acknowledge your feelings throughout all of this, really listen to your body and one another. This isn't something any of us could have planned for or should have to have planned for. But the strength and resilience you are building now without even realising it will really help going forward throughout life. Your days are coming, and when you are standing there saying your vows make sure you can say that you made the most of this precious time, don't let anyone take any more of your magic away!

Really trust in the process, don't get me wrong, not every day is roses, but honestly, this is a time we won't get back, and we now know that our wedding will come at the right time. 

Also, self-care couldn't be more valuable or important right now. I carry on as normal as if our wedding will be going ahead when we plan. So, hair masks, face masks, exercise, eating well, lots of water. I never want to look back and wish I'd done more, we get one wedding day, one wedding build up so let's make the most of it and control what we can control 

Sending love and positive vibes!" - Alex

Alex and Richard originally planned to get married September 2020 but then postponed to December 2020. They then postponed for a second time and are now planning their July 2021 wedding.

Engaged couple enjoying what should have been their wedding day

It’s ok to not to be ok

“My advice to couples would be that it’s normal to feel worried and stressed in such uncertain times. So it’s ok to cry and to have meltdowns (I know I certainly feel better after a good sob)! Just remember what’s truly important: your love for each other. Keep pushing and keep going - you will get the perfect day!” - Jenny

Jenny & Charlie postponed their March 2020 Wedding to October 2021

Continue to be inspired 

“To help stay motivated during wedding planning we have been looking for extra inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram. If I have a moment of feeling ‘meh’ it cheers me up reviewing what is to come. Looking over ideas and inspiration can really keep the positivity alive, and even give you ideas to expand your vision to make your wedding even more special. We’ve found some wonderful ideas to add to our wedding.” - Janine 

Janine & Paul postponed their July 2020 wedding date to August 2021.

Effectively communicate with each other

“Speaking to family and friends is absolutely key so you don't feel alone in this. But most importantly, make sure you and your fiancée are on the same page and are communicating. Things will inevitably go wrong, but you're still getting married which is a wonderful thing! It will be magical and amazing. I certainly struggled to feel positive a lot of the time, but the things that helped were putting on my wedding dress and falling in love with it all over again, practising my makeup and hair, and making DIY wedding decorations and favours - it took my mind off everything else and really got me excited.

More than anything, just take time away from wedding stuff - it can be so overwhelming and stressful! If you need a glass of wine and a whine, do it! Read a book, do some yoga or go for a run or make something crafty. These things will take your mind off everything else that is going on and will give you a chance to relax. 

Enjoy this time! These are bizarre times, buy you're getting married and that is SO exciting!! Dress up nice and have at home date nights, pamper yourselves and have a spa day at home, complete with face packs and healthy snacks. 

More than anything just remember to take a breath and have fun with it. No matter what happens and which plans don't fall into place, you will have the most magical day and it will be just perfect.” - Lauren 

Lauren and Joseph brought their April 2021 wedding date forward to December 2020 to elope in Bath with 12 guests.

Photography: Dan Morris Photography 

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