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You know we’re all about wedding gifts for you at The Wedding Shop. But what about wedding gifts for your guests? There is no better feeling than picking out the perfect gift for someone and getting to watch their face as they open it. You may have a few special people you want to thank for helping make your wedding day the best day ever, so we thought we’d put together a guide for you to give you some ideas of wedding gifts for guests.

Wedding gifts for guests

The easiest way for you to hand your wedding gifts for guests is to have favours. It’s the perfect way to gift everybody something. These are our top wedding favour ideas:

Something edible

Edible favours are great - you’ll see your guests tuck into them whilst they’re getting seated and waiting for their first course to arrive. And there are so many options too. Popcorn, homemade fudge, your favourite sweets. How about some bespoke, personalised biscuits? They are tasty and double up as a really cool addition to any wedding breakfast table.

edible wedding favours

Something drinkable

If you’re after something drinkable, mini bottles of spirits or prosecco/champagne always go down a treat. You’ll often find guests raising their own table toasts with them which is a lovely addition to the day. T total? Then how about miniature elderflower presse? There’s always the option to have wedding gifts for guests that they can use after your day too. Maybe fancy coffee pods or your favourite tea bags. They are always so well received. A little note, if you are planning on taking alcoholic favours, just check with your venue first that it’s ok to do so.

Something green

Seed paper, seed packets, potted succulents. These green wedding gifts for guests will be a constant reminder that they were a part of your day once they get home.

succulent wedding favours

Charitable wedding gifts for guests

We think giving back is so important, which is why you can add charity donations to your gift list with us. Why not extend this further and make a donation on your guests' behalf to a charity of your choice? It’s eco friendly and you’ll be making a difference.

make a change woman holding money in her hands with a note saying make a change

Scented gifts

Maybe your wedding has a signature scent. You could extend that to your guest and give them candles of the same scent that they can burn in their homes to conjure memories of your wedding day. There are also some great sustainable candles that you could opt for too.

the white company scented candle

Use your place cards

There are some really clever ways that you can use place cards that double up as favours. Encasing them in small metal photo frames that can be reused in your guest’s homes. Or how about a piece of faux greenery or pebbles with perfectly calligraphed names on them that can be kept on display. Polaroids of your guests are also a popular way of showing where everyone is sitting and these can be personalised with your wedding details and kept by your guests for years to come.

nkuku hanging frames

Something comfortable

If it’s looking like there’s going to be a big party at your wedding and you’ve got some serious dancers in your midst, why not have a pair of backup shoes for your bridesmaids and give everyone a pair of flip flops so that they can dance away until their hearts are content? Or until the DJ has to stop at least.

person walking into the street wearing white trainers and pink tulle skirt

Something sunny

Or sunnies to be more accurate. How about a pair of really cool sunglasses for each guest. Go colourful, go monochrome and/or go personalised. We love wedding guests in shades… the perfect wedding party accessory.

heart sunglasses on outdoor table with wine, perfume and flowers

For those extra special guests

You may have a handful of guests who have really gone over and above to make your day the best one ever. Here are a few ideas of gifts you can give them:


But how about making it a subscription rather than a one-off? A 3 month flower subscription really says thank you and will remind your family and friends of your day for that little bit longer.

white and pink flowers on rustic wooden chair


You’ll probably find the thing you enjoyed most about those who helped plan your day was spending time with them. So why not make more time and get an experience that you can share together. This could be anything from going for afternoon tea to wine tasting to skydiving.

afternoon tea experience

Sentimental gifts

We love the idea of getting wedding gifts for guests that can be kept forever and that has real meaning. We’re always talking to our couples about adding those gifts to their list that will last forever and have real meaning to them - gifts for your guests don’t have to be any different. So have you considered a constellation poster of the night sky on your wedding day or of a day that is poignant to you and your family/friend? These make beautiful artwork for the home. Or maybe you have a piece of jewellery that is inscribed with an important message; a bracelet or a locket. Or perhaps you’re able to get signed memorabilia from a sport or hobby they are really passionate about. Something that will mean the world to them.

sentimental wedding jewellery

There is no greater feeling than giving a gift and seeing someone's reaction to it. Especially when it comes to wedding gifts for guests. Whether you’re giving an individual gift or a favour to everyone, you will feel so much joy from the gift of giving.

Looking for more wedding planning inspiration? Or perhaps you're ready to build your wedding gift list? Either way, we have you covered. From wedding planning advice through to gifts that guests love to give, be inspired