Wedding Gift List Tips - Jane from our London Townhouse shares her advice

Bride and groom confetti moment with wedding guests outside church

Wedding gift list tips brought to you by our Townhouse Gift Guru, Jane. Jane has worked at The Wedding Shop for over 6 years. Her favourite part of being a Gift Guru is being surrounded by all the beautiful products in our London Townhouse. As well as sharing her wisdom with planning couples. She also got married in 2019 and used The Wedding Shop for her own gift list. Let Jane’s expert knowledge inspire you as she shares her top wedding gift list tips. Along with wedding planning inspiration and her favourite brands.

My top wedding gift list tips 

  • Create your own heirlooms. One of my top wedding gift list tips has to be, choose timeless classics that will remind you of your wedding day for years to come. Or, even become family heirlooms. Your guests will love gifting you something that will spark joy for a lifetime. Like timeless glassware or a special photo frame. Something special that you will list now but love forever. 
  • Give your guests choice from a variety of different price ranges. Have some fun creating your gift list. Your guests will want to buy you something that feels meaningful to them as well as you. So try and add gifts from a range of different categories to ensure your list has something for everyone. Make sure you also cover all price ranges and remember that you have the option to Group Gift.
  • Use your gift list to upgrade your home and lifestyle. Take time to really think about those key pieces that will help you to upgrade your home. That you may not otherwise have treated yourselves to. Or, consider adding experiences that you have never got around to booking, but you have dreamt about doing together. 
  • Visit us. Ok, so I may be a little biased. But as one of my ultimate wedding gift list tips, I would highly recommend visiting us. Either at our London Townhouse, Selfridges or on a zoom call. Chatting through how the service works and hearing our wedding gift list tips in person or over a video call is so much fun. 
  • Think about gifts that will see you through the seasons.When building your list, try not to only think about the season you are in. Although you may be having a winter wedding, you can still add a summer bbq for the garden or a picnic basket for spring. Or if you are having a summer wedding, think about things that will make your winter extra cosy, like cushions, throws, rugs and robes. Add a variety of gifts that will see you through the seasons. 
  • Make use of The Wedding Shop’s tools. From our checklist to our app, right the way through to our Thank You Manager. Our team update our website every week with useful tools to help you feel inspired. Not sure where to begin? One of my biggest wedding gift list tips would be to start by browsing the site. You can find inspiration on our blog, in our starter collections, on the help and advice section and on your dashboard. 

Pink and lilac tableware

Wedding planning advice

Get all the crucial elements booked as soon as you can, and the smaller things will fall into place. It’s important not to sweat the small stuff, on the day you’ll be so wrapped up in the moment that you’ll forget all the little things that you worried about.

Bride smiling with her bridesmaids on her wedding day

What made our wedding day unique

We tried to make it as fun as possible, and so hired a mariachi band to kick start the party as the guests arrived at the reception. As it was at home, we had a guest star appearance from the beloved family dog, Margot, too!

mariachi band at home wedding
unique gifts
Margot the dog at English country wedding

Wedding day inspiration and styling  

I used Pinterest and Instagram a lot for inspiration and wanted the look to be a classic, timeless English wedding. The flowers were really important to me, and so they were a big part of the overall look of the wedding. There were lots of neutral tones, like pinks, peach and white roses and the flower arch really made a beautiful backdrop for so many of our photos.

peach and pink rose wedding flower arch

Our favourite wedding gift and why

We love our dinnerware set (Richard Ginori antico docia.) We were going to save it for special occasions, but we decided to just get the most out of it and love using it every day now. It’s simple but pretty and can go in the dishwasher, which makes it ideal for everyday use! The Dualit hand mixer has also been a real triumph, it’s so good for making soups and curry pastes.

A few of our favourite brands include William Yeoward for timeless, classic gifts that stand the test of time. Pooky lighting, because their lamps are just so fun and can really lift any area of a room. Aswell as Bobs Books, we made our wedding album through Bobs Books and the quality of the pictures are amazing! We’ve printed several off since for family members. 


Why our guests loved that we had a wedding gift list 

The majority of our guests used our wedding list and found that it was so easy. They knew they were purchasing us gifts that we would love for years to come, and it takes the stress away of having to bring the gift on the day. 

Marquee wedding outdoors in summer with wedding guests clapping and celebrating

Thank you for reading my top wedding gift list tips. If you are looking for more wedding list advice, you can book an appointment to visit us in one of our showrooms or meet us virtually. You can also read more wedding gift list tips here or browse our starter collections.