Wedding drinks - exactly how much and what do you need?

wedding drinks

Whether you’re a mocktail or a cocktail drinker, you can have so much fun when it comes to your wedding drinks. Let us help you figure out how much of everything you might need and some ideas for alcohol-based tipples and the best mocktail suggestions so you can make sure all of your guests are catered for...

Wedding Drinks To Welcome Your Guests

The ceremony is done, you’re feeling super giddy. As are your guests. It’s time for a canape (or 4) and a glass of bubbles to celebrate your commitment. Prosecco is so popular these days and often preferable in taste to it’s popular predecessor Champagne. It’s also friendlier on your pocket.

You can jazz up your prosecco or champagne welcome wedding drinks by adding fruit purees (such as peach for the classic Belini). Spiced bellinis work great for a winter wedding too - maybe adding blood orange or a cinnamon twist.

For an alcohol-free welcome drink why not plug for a sparkling cordial or fancy fruit juice?

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Wedding breakfast drinks

Will you be providing wedding drinks during your wedding breakfast? Mostly we see couples providing wine for guests to enjoy whilst they eat. It's a good idea to consider your food and wine together because what you’re eating can impact which type of wine you should go for.

Here’s a bit of a breakdown for the meat-eaters amongst you. For red or cured meats you can look to opt for a bold red; maybe a Tempranillo or a Malbec. For lighter red meats you could consider Barbera or a Merlot.

Pinot Grigio goes nicely with fish as does anything sparkling.

For white meat, you can flit somewhere between a light red and a good white.  A Pinot Noir or a Sauvignon Blanc. It’s often you’ll find a red and a white wine so that guests can make their own choices between the two.

We really love this guide from Wine Folly about wine pairing.

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Alfresco wedding drinks

If you’re dining outside, maybe you’re having a BBQ, then you can get really fruity with your drinks. Maybe serving gin cocktails or summer classics like Pimms. For lighter airier months, buckets (or baths) of beer are also popular and an easy way to include an alcohol-free option.

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How many wedding drinks do you need?

Here’s a breakdown of what you get from each kind of bottle:

– One bottle of wine = 5 serves

– One case of wine = 12 bottles (60 serves per case)

– One 750ml bottle of spirits or liqueur = 30 standard shots (25ml each)

– One bottle of beer = 1 serve

– Allow 2 glasses of sparkling wine per guest for welcome drinks, 1 per guest for toasts.

– If serving only beer and wine, plan for 20% beer, 80% 

With a quick calculation, you should be able to figure out how much drink you need to serve at your wedding. We’d recommend allowing 1 drink per guest per hour for your reception. If you are buying in your own wine we’d also recommend purchasing on a sale or return basis therefore any unopened bottles should be able to be returned should you wish to do so.

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