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Bridgerton champagne party Simon and Daphne dancing

Long gone are the days of traditional wedding gifts. But it is very clear that the Bridgerton Netflix characters have style and are bringing us all the escapism we need right now. Bring on regency interiors, opulent furniture, champagne wedding gifts and all things charming. The regency core interiors trend sure has stolen our hearts.

So, we bring you a visual feast for the eyes in the shape of 16 traditional wedding gifts we guarantee would be on Daphne and Simon's wedding list.

Enjoy. In the words of Simon himself “You deserve nothing less. You deserve everything your heart desires.”


Daphne deserves best. This champagne coupe set is a must-have for the couple’s society balls, champagne toasts, anniversaries and all life’s celebrations. Why settle for two when you can have four?

sumptuous velvet seating

Ideal for long lunches and slow dinners the Stafford OKA chair is all about regal charm. The rich deep colour and extravagant velvet sings decadence.


Not quite a traditional wedding gift. But the gift of an experience would be the wedding gift of choice from free-spirited Eloise Bridgerton. “Why must our only options be to squawk and settle or to never leave the nest? What if I want to fly.” - Eloise Bridgerton


Ready to impress the Ton! We can see Simon and Daphne adding this two-seater sofa to their wedding gift list, to add a touch of eclectic charm to their living room. 


Although champagne is quite evidently the drink of choice for this newly-wed couple. The Duke has led us to think he would be glad of owning his own whisky set. A firm favourite on the list of traditional wedding gifts.


Kaymet has received an official stamp of quality by the Queen. Their original and exquisite designs are used and loved by Royals, so we think it is fair to say Daphne and The Duke would find good use for this serving tray. To present cocktails and hors-d'œuvres in style or enjoy breakfast in bed together?

A Great British Picnic Hamper

Daphne and Simon have already shown us that they aren’t afraid of the ever-changing Great British weather. (Rewind back to the rain-soaked folly scene.) We think the pair would put this picnic hamper to good use come rain or shine.


The couple would never want to find themselves underprepared for an occasion to pop the champagne. Like a quick biscuit break in the garden. Moet is a must-have on Daphne & the Duke's list of traditional wedding gifts. And a cake stand to match of course. 

Photography: Rock My Wedding

Cheerful cushions

Crafted from Oakleaves, this cushion pays tribute to English artist Peggy Angus, who originally created the print as a tile design. The timeless block print motifs celebrate the greenery of British gardens. Top pick for the list of traditional wedding gifts from Daphne.

Wedgwood Blue Burlington Pots

The Bridgerton family's signature colour is Wedgwood Blue. Daphne’s family and friends would expect nothing less than to see a Wedgwood Blue Burlington pot on the couples’ list. A truly traditional wedding gift that guests love to give.

Stand-out patterned bed linen

This ancient Tree of Life patterned bed linen provides breathability and comfort for a relaxing night's sleep. Beauty sleep = Flawless my dear


“I burn for you.” No other words needed.

The living room rug

Hand-tufted on a pure new wool blend, this rug is adorned with delicate florals in cream and ivory on a China blue background. A much-needed treat for tired feet when the baby arrives.


Daphne and the Duke sure know how to set a scene. We don’t doubt for one moment this doesn’t follow through to their tablescaping game. Asiatic Pheasant Blue Burleigh tableware was the most popular pattern of the Victorian era introduced in 1827. Its romantic gentle blue pattern suits Daphne’s character perfectly. 

Photography: Hannah McClune Photography Styling: Jennifer Louise Weddings 

Burleigh Dove Grey Tea Set

It wouldn’t be a true Bridgerton inspired wedding gift list if it didn’t include a tea set. It comes as no surprise that the sales of tea have boomed since the show started. Tea sets may be traditional wedding gifts but we can’t see them going out of style any time soon. 


We will leave this one for you to ponder over. But couldn’t we all find a use for an everyday use shelf ladder? So handy! If you know, you know...

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Header image: Courtesy of Netflix