Sustainable and Ethical Wedding Gifts

Ethical Tableware Gifts from The Wedding Shop

It seems the time is upon us to all take-up arms in the war on plastic and to start giving a little love back to our planet, and the battle couldn’t have started soon enough. While it may seem like a gargantuan mountain to climb, if each of us makes a few small changes in our everyday lives, we can chip away at that mountain. Where better to start than at the beginning, with your wedding gift list!

At The Wedding Shop we have been getting more and more requests for products that are kind to our planet or support local businesses and communities. So, we’ve been working hard to partner with more and more Ethical and Sustainable brands and have taken this opportunity to highlight a few of our favourites below. You can also find many more in our Sustainable Inspiration List. Your guests are going to love buying you weddings gifts that you will love and that will love our planet.

Sustainable wedding gift list inspiration
  • Now, don’t fret, sustainable and ethical homewares have come a long way, it's not just about cork and woven grasses these days. Today's planet-friendly products are stylish, functional and also give you that feel-good factor!

  • Let’s kick off with Nkuku – a trusted and reliable staple for any green home. They are all about helping you to express who you are through beautiful homewares and interiors. They work with artisans globally to create individual homewares using sustainable materials that embrace traditional skills. Nothing in their collections is mass-produced, so you can be sure of finding some unique and beautiful pieces that will really make your home a reflection of you and your partners’ individual style.

    Nkuku sustainable wedding gifts
  • A brand that is ever-growing in popularity is Artisanne, creators of beautiful woven baskets made from sustainable grasses and repurposed plastic. Founded by two sisters who lived in Senegal for 6 years, their Fair-Trade baskets are skilfully hand-woven in remote villages in Senegal. The sisters work directly with the women in these villages to ensure they earn a regular, fair and secure income. The baskets are crafted with traditional Senegalese weaving techniques that are passed down from mother to daughter, combined with modern designs to create household storage that’s not just practical, it’s oozing with style.

    Artisanne fair-trade gifts for your gift list
  • Next up is a slightly quirkier brand, Weaver Green; originally a cider-maker and flooring specialist who branched out to make recycled plastic rugs and textiles from discarded plastic bottles. Founders, Tasha and Barney, were keen to help clear up some of the 35 billion plastic bottles that end up in our seas and landfill every year, by using them to create lovey open fibres that provide all the softness and texture of wool, that is also machine washable, stain-resistant, environmentally friendly and can be used indoors or out! Their woven household products are beautiful, without any compromise in style, feel or value.

    Weaver green sustainable gifts for your gift list
  • A blog about sustainability and ethical brands would not be complete without including Rise and Fall, a gorgeous bedding brand that has carefully built a supply chain from farm to factory that is good for everyone involved. Their sheets are made from quality cotton that feels great; they are manufactured without the use of nasty chemicals and don’t cost a fortune – what more could you want!?

    Rise and fall sustainable gifts at the wedding shop
  • At The Wedding Shop we love a bit of Green and Blue, founded by husband and wife team Kate and Gavin, who design gorgeous and stylish products that help to protect our wildlife. All their products are designed with simplicity in mind and at the heart of every design is the aim to provide wildlife with a home. Make sure to check out their Bee Blocks – what’s not to love!?

    Sustainable bee pot for your wedding shop gift list
  • Last but not least, is Skagerak, one of several of Scandanvian brands forging the way in creating design lead, long-lasting furniture that is grounded in traditional craftmanship, using materials that are of the highest standards for both quality, social and environmental performance. We really can't get enough of their Fuorie Serving trolley – who doesn’t lust after an inside to outside bar trolley!

    Sustainable wedding gifts available at The Wedding Shop
  • If that hasn’t spiked your interest, then don’t forget to check out our Sustainable inspiration list or come and visit our Sustainable room take over curated by Rock My Wedding as part of the London Design Festival on 22nd September – you can register your interest here. Every little change can make a difference; “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”.