Real Wedding Shop Couple - Olivia & Jamie’s September Garden Wedding

Garden wedding in London with bright pink confetti

Bringing you all a little bit of love and happiness today. We are delighted to share with you Olivia & Jamie’s September garden wedding. Not at all what they had originally been planning, but the most magical day of all.

Olivia is the founder of Livia’s, she creates indulgent desserts that are Vegan and gluten-free and naturally delicious. For the first two years of business, Olivia produced, packed and delivered treats from her parents' kitchen. Meaning she is an avid baker and entrepreneur with a hunger to give back. 

End to end sustainability is a huge focus of hers and is always at the core of her decision making. Olivia’s decision to have a gift list and the choices she made when choosing their gifts are a true reflection of her ethos. It was important to Olivia and Jamie that they chose gifts that would be used for years to come and wouldn’t go to waste. 


Our initial wedding was planned for August 2020 in Greece. This had to be cancelled due to covid. Up until June 2020, we had no idea when we would get married. However, when the government eased some of the restrictions in summer and that weddings of 30 people would be allowed, we decided to plan something in such a short amount of time. We booked our wedding in for the weekend of 13th September 2020, and we had just about 8 weeks to plan it all! 

The whole weekend was perfect in every way. When I think about it, I am filled with happiness and the most wonderful memories.

Jewish garden wedding in summer 2020

What made your day unique 

The wedding ceremony... It was so simple and so different from what we had originally been planning, but it was perfect. Everything I had dreamed of and more. For it to take place in Jamie’s parents' garden was so special. I have memories of that garden from when I was just 17 when we first got together. 

We had chosen very unconventional flowers for the wedding. They were bright and whimsical roses, dahlias and pampas grass. Making the garden feel even more enchanted.

bright and whimsical roses, dahlias and pampas grass.

Special moments 

Seeing Jamie, standing under the chuppah (the canopy under which Jewish ceremonies take place), I have never ever seen him so happy. His smile and the way he looked at me will forever be in my memory. It all feels like a magical blur. It went so quickly. It was as if I was floating. I loved the intimacy of it all. It was more than enough. 

Stunning Jewish garden wedding ceremony

Do you have any wedding planning advice for other couples? 

Take it all in. This is such a special time, and it is about you as a couple. Not necessarily about the destination or the large guest list. Small and intimate may be the way forward! 

To all couples trying to plan a wedding during these hard times, just remember that all that really matters is the two of you.

happy couple on their wedding day garden wedding

Why did you have a wedding gift list? 

No matter how many times I said that I didn’t want a gift, our loved ones all expressed how much they wanted to buy a forever present for us. That’s when I decided on a wedding gift list. I know how much people can struggle to find a perfect gift. It often means that something is bought which isn’t 100% needed and goes to waste.  I wanted to ensure that there was no waste at all. I wanted to receive things from my closest friends that I wouldn’t have to exchange/ return or not use so much. I wanted them to be able to buy something that we knew we would use forever.

Pink and red wedding theme with candles and roses

Why did you choose The Wedding Shop?

I had heard so many brilliant things about The Wedding Shop from my friends who had previously used it. There is such a wonderful range of gifts on the site, there is hardly anything you can’t find! They list some of my favourite brands for the home including OKA and Le Creuset. 

Happy bride at her garden wedding with fuchsia pink wedding guest dresses

What is your favourite gift?

Ohhhhh so hard to choose!!!! I genuinely love them all and I cannot wait to get them all when we move into our new house. My parents bought us the most gorgeous blush pink velvet pleated chair from Luna home which I am obsessed with! A few of my best friends bought me a Le Creuset set which I will use forever and ever. And of course, I am so excited about a new KitchenAid stand mixer for all my baking!


How have you found The Wedding Shop experience despite having to change your plans?

The customer service was brilliant every step of the way. Whenever you have a question, you can get an answer immediately. The whole site was a pleasure to use.

Black and white wedding day photography

Were your friends and family happy you had a gift list?

Yes. They all loved the fact that they knew they were buying something that we would love. Jamie and I picked lots of different types of gifts. With different price ranges so that people could still choose for themselves what they liked and what worked within their budget. The people who bought from the gift list said how it made their life so much easier, and it saved them so much time. I think our gift list was especially well received in the world of covid. When everyone was dealing with their own challenges and this made the experience of buying gifts hassle-free!

beautiful outdoor garden wedding in london

What would be your top gift list tip? 

Choose things that won’t go out of fashion, and things that you know you will be able to use forever. I am a very sentimental person, and I love the idea that I will be using things in 20/30/40/50 years that my friends bought me for my wedding. I am all about useful and classic things for a wedding list.

Jewish garden wedding

Have you seen that even friends and family that didn’t attend your big day used your gift list?

Yes!!! I actually think we received more from friends and family who didn’t attend our big day than we did the guests themselves. There were so many people that had been invited to our original, bigger wedding that were then unable to come. So they loved that even though they weren’t able to attend, they could still buy us something special. It was so incredibly generous of those people and we will forever cherish those gifts.

Stunning wedding garden florals

How did you make sustainable choices for your wedding? 

Because of the nature of our wedding in having to be covid compliant, it was very very stripped back indeed. The only real thing we splashed out on was the flowers. Those flowers were then given to guests and family so everyone could take some home after the wedding. I still have so many of them dried in my flat which makes me so happy.

bride getting ready on wedding day

Looking to make a change with your gift list? Explore our Vegan starter collection and find out why having a gift list is sustainable. The inspiration doesn’t stop there, here are a few more that we think you might like from our starter collections. Judaica collection gifts through to Timeless Classics.

Photography: David Pullum.