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One pillow vs two, duvets vs bedspreads, cotton vs linen sheets. Ultimately, it’s all about discovering what works for you and knowing how to make 6 hours sleep feel like 8!

It’s estimated that over the course of our lifetime we spend an average of 26 years sleeping. That’s a considerable amount of time to be in bed, making it all the more important that you have the best, most suitable and comfortable bedding that works for you. Your gift list is the perfect opportunity to upgrade and invest in linens that feel great and stand the test of time.

From thread counts, tog ratings and oxford pillowcases, we created our Guide to Bedding to get you up to speed with all the bedding lingo!


  • What is the perfect thread count?

    400 Thread Count Bed Linen from Rise & Fall at The Wedding Shop

    So here’s the science behind it - any woven fabric consists of a warp thread which runs vertically and a weft thread which runs horizontally. The thread count describes the number of these threads per square inch. Generally, a thread count over 200 means a softer and smoother feel. Contrary to belief, an extremely high thread count is not always the better option as it can be too delicate and may not be as durable over time. The sweet spot is somewhere between a 300 and 500 thread count for bed linen that is breathable and airy for the warmer months.


  • How to choose the right fabric for you?

    Go to Guide for picking the right fabric from The Wedding Shop

    Depending on your own personal preferences, every couple will be different when choosing their dream bed linen. Choose the right material based on your climate, care requirements and comfort. We’ve created a quick go-to guide to help you pick the right fabric for you!

    When picking your sheets, bear in mind that standard sheet sizes don’t account for different mattress depths. If you have a tall mattress or are using an awesome cloud-like mattress topper, make you sure measure both together before you pick your bed linen.


  • Let's talk about the tog rating…

    Duvets from The White Company at The Wedding Shop

    Tog is the term used to describe the warmth of a duvet. It’s a measure of its ability to trap air and keep you snug while you sleep. The higher the tog number the heavier and warmer the duvet.

    4.5 tog: Lightweight, breathable and used for summertime

    10.5 tog: A happy medium to use for all seasons

    13.5 tog: Heavy, cosy and the warmest tog

    We recommend having a duvet for all seasons. You can now have a duvet that splits into two and then buttons back up together. One is lightweight one for the summer, one is medium weight for the in-between seasons and then you can button them together for a heavy winter duvet.


  • What’s your type? Strictly pillow-talk!

    Pillows from A by Amara at The Wedding Shop

    When deciding on what pillows to pick, you probably already have a good idea on the sort of support that you like. Whether you're a lover of marshmallow-like comforts or you're more the hard and supportive type, we understand that it takes some time to find ‘the one’. In general, your head should be rested in a similar position to how it would be if you were standing. So, if you sleep on your stomach you should have a thin pillow, side sleepers need a thicker pillow and all you back sleepers are somewhere in between!


  • What’s the difference between a Housewife and Oxford pillowcase?

    Standard pillowcase from Bedfolk at The Wedding Shop

    A ‘Standard’ or a ‘Housewife’ pillowcase is an edge-to-edge pillowcase designed to fit your pillow (50cm x 75cm). An Oxford goes to the edges of the pillowcase and it includes a more decorative outside border, normally around 5cm. Both these types fit any standard pillow. For a square pillow, you will need a 65cm x 65cm filler cushion.


  • It's all in the finishing touches...

    Cushions from Elizabeth Scarlett at The Wedding Shop

    Make your space relaxing and warm with quilts, bedspreads, throws and blankets. A quilt is heavier in weight than a bedspread. They both add a lovely additional layer during the colder months. Add in some additional layers with decorative cushions for the perfect finishing touches.



    Bed Linen from Catherine Lansfield at The Wedding Shop

We hope you find the dreamy bed linen that you are looking for. If you have any other questions, your Gift Guru is on hand to help with whatever it may be. You can also use our online live chat for expert knowledge on all things gift list!