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30th July 2021

Wedding Stationery - Your checklist for everything you need

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  • blog -12/08/2021

    Wedding drinks - exactly how much and what do you need?

    Whether you’re a mocktail or a cocktail drinker, you can have so much fun when it comes to your wedding drinks. Let us help you figure out how much of everything you might need and some ideas for alcohol-based tipples and the best mocktail suggestions so you can make sure all of your guests are catered for...

    rose moet
  • blog -30/07/2021

    Wedding Stationery - Your checklist for everything you need

    Your guide to popular wedding stationery, both before and on the day. You may not need all of it, but it’s good to keep in mind how the finishing touches of extra stationery on the day can make the whole experience even better for you and your guests.

    yellow floral themed wedding menu card wedding staionery
  • blog -29/07/2021

    Wedding gifts for guests - gift ideas for you to give

    You know we’re all about wedding gifts for you at The Wedding Shop. But what about wedding gifts for guests? Read on for unique gifts for you to give.

    gold locket chain and jewels
  • blog -27/07/2021

    Wedding Flowers Checklist - Your Ultimate Guide

    There are endless possibilities when it comes to wedding flowers. They can set the tone of the whole ceremony, whether you want to go bold and bright or soft and romantic. Your wedding flowers will show off your personality, and provide the backdrop for many of your wedding photos, so let our checklist guide you.

    bride and groom holding hands, bride holds peach and white wedding bouquet
  • blog -26/07/2021

    Wedding Gift List Wording Examples

    It’s good to let people know that you have a gift list on your wedding invites. But what’s the best way to word it graciously? Keep it short, sweet and non-judgemental.

    wedding stationery black and white papier
  • blog -21/07/2021

    Tips For Finding The Perfect Wedding Venue

    Until you have secured your wedding venue and preferred date, there is very little else you can organise. Dates for wedding venues also tend to book up the furthest in advance (along with photographers) so let us give you our expertise on choosing your perfect wedding venue.

    Aynhoe Park wedding
  • blog -15/07/2021

    Wedding cake inspiration - get creative with your wedding cake

    There are some great opportunities to get creative when it comes to your wedding cake. You may be buying your cake from a professional baker, you may be making your own or perhaps you’re thinking of opting for a bake-off style throw down. Let us break those options down for you.

    white three tier wedding cake
  • blog -08/07/2021

    The Ultimate Wedding To Do List - 18 months to go

    Everything you need to do to plan your wedding on one useful checklist. From working out your budget and to starting moodboards and planning venue visits. Use this wedding to do list as a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know and pick and choose the tasks that relate to your wedding day.

    brides kissing on their wedding day
  • blog -07/07/2021

    Wedding photography - questions to ask your wedding photographer

    Award-winning wedding photographer Kristian Leven gives his top questions that you should make sure to ask before booking your wedding photography. We know you don’t want to think about your wedding day being over just yet, but humour us for this article, the photos of your wedding will become lifelong precious possessions.

    bride and groom confetti moment with bright pink and purple wedding flowers
  • blog -01/07/2021

    How to greenify your space in collaboration with Patch Plants

    Do you want to greenify your space with outdoor and indoor plants but unsure where to start? We are here to help. We've collaborated with our Brand Partners Patch Plants to bring you our advice on plants, for both indoors and out.

    patch plants - how to greenify your space
  • blog -30/06/2021

    Wedding catering –your most asked questions answered

    Catering for your wedding guests can seem daunting at first. So, in a bid to be helpful, we asked catering experts at Caper and Berry for their advice on some of the key questions that our couples have about wedding catering. Read on to get started with your wedding catering.

    wedding catering drinks station
  • blog -29/06/2021

    Wedding Checklist - 12 months to go - what to do and when

    We know weddings can be all-consuming and overwhelming at times so let us ease any confusion and help you get organised with our 12-month wedding planning checklist.

    Bride and groom holding each other at sunset
  • blog -27/05/2021

    Boat wedding - Hannah and Stephen share their wedding story

    What do you do when you have to reduce your wedding guest list and no longer have a venue due to covid restrictions? You have a boat wedding. At least that is what Hannah and Stephen did and they had the most memorable day. Let their words of wisdom inspire you.

    bride and groom holding hands at alter
  • blog -14/05/2021

    Weekend passions gift guide: Use your wedding gift list to bring passion back to your weekends

    Looking to bring the passion back to your weekends? Look no further. From gifts for the perfect brunch, through to top picks for cooking a Sunday lunch. Our weekend passions gift guide will help you to make your home a place that you can return to for a fun-filled weekend.

    picnicware at the wedding shop - gift guide
  • blog -22/04/2021

    Meet The Maker - Go Behind The Scenes of The Wedding Shop's Brand Partners

    Meet the maker, as we take you behind the scenes to explore the craftsmanship that goes into bringing you wedding gifts that are built to last. Think hand-painted tableware through to mouth-blown vases. These brands create products that make fantastic wedding gifts, that will bring you joy for years to come.

    pottery throwing and carving - meet the maker
  • blog -13/04/2021

    Wedding registry ideas - Laurie from our Buying team brings you her favourite gifts

    Laurie from our buying team brings you wedding registry ideas, in the form of her top 10 favourite gifts. From a globe fire pit through to sustainable bed linen, let her expert eye inspire you.

    Laurie - The Wedding Shop Buyer
  • blog -07/04/2021

    Wedding Gift List Tips - Jane from our London Townhouse shares her advice

    Wedding gift list tips brought to you by our Townhouse Gift Guru, Jane. Let her expert knowledge inspire you as she shares her top wedding gift list tips, along with wedding planning inspiration and her favourite brands.

    Bride and groom stood outside church smiling
  • blog -01/04/2021

    Aynhoe Park wedding - Real Wedding Shop couple Mahrya and Shahnaan share their story

    “Our Aynhoe Park wedding theme was ‘formal modern gatsby’ with a nod to the decadent 1920s lifestyle. It was extravagant, yet elegant. An English country wedding where the party did not stop. Our favourite moment would have to be dancing the night away with our nearest and dearest. Quite simply, it was the wedding of our dreams!”

    Bride and groom outside Aynhoe Park with disco ball in the trees
  • blog -25/03/2021

    Caviar and Chips - Four Easter Menus That Will Knock Your Socks Off!

    Wedding caterers, Caviar and Chips bring you four Easter menus to celebrate in style. Light up your heart and your appetite.

    caviar and chips wedding breakfast tablescape with wedding menu
  • blog -24/03/2021

    Easter Table Decor - How to celebrate Easter at home in style

    To bring you the ultimate Easter table decor inspiration, we’ve collaborated with Pink Palms to style our Townhouse dining table. Read on for ideas on how to celebrate Easter in style at home. And be inspired by wedding gifts available to add to your Wedding Shop gift list.

    Easter table decor - the wedding shop
  • blog -08/03/2021

    Calming gifts to pack happiness and tranquility into your home interiors

    Give your home a boost and pack happiness into every corner of your humble abode, with our round-up of calming gifts. Now is the time to reclaim your home, move away from fast fashion and invest in key pieces that will bring you a sense of calm and happiness.

    Calming wedding gifts  neom diffuser
  • blog -01/03/2021

    Backyard Wedding - Real couple Yaël and Michael share their wedding story

    Step into Narnia and explore Yaël and Michael's wedding at The Kilns, also known as C. S. Lewis House. Along with their wedding planning advice and favourite wedding gifts.

    Garden wedding newly married couple laughing with the groom holding his new wife
  • blog -26/02/2021

    Wedding gifts for couples who like to travel

    Wedding gifts for couples who like to travel. Transport yourself around the world through your wedding gift list choices. We bring you the wanderlust wishlist. Sit back, relax and take yourselves to a destination you love without leaving your home. Whether that’s through smells, colour, flavour design or style. Let your home interiors take you away to that happy place, every day.

    everyday coloured tumblers in beautiful jewel tones for outdoor entertaining in the garden
  • blog -18/02/2021

    Romantic wedding inspiration - Real Wedding Shop couple Aoidín & Christopher share their story

    Aoidín & Christopher planned the most romantic wedding in Ireland. The whole day oozed romance and undone glamour. Read on to find out how they made their dreams a reality. And learn why building their gift list was the most fun element of planning their wedding.

    Ireland castle romantic wedding inspiration
  • blog -12/02/2021

    Traditional wedding gifts - The Bridgerton wedding gift list Edit

    16 traditional wedding gifts we guarantee would be on Daphne and Simon's wedding list. Long gone are the days of ‘traditional wedding gifts’ but it is very clear that these Bridgerton Netflix characters have style. Bring on regency interiors, champagne wedding gifts and all things charming. Image: Courtesy of Netflix

    Bridgerton Simon and Daphne
  • blog -27/01/2021

    Real Wedding Shop Couple - Olivia & Jamie’s September Garden Wedding

    Bringing you all a little bit of love and happiness today. We are delighted to share with you Olivia & Jamie’s September garden wedding. Not at all what they had originally been planning, but the most magical day of all.

    London wedding with whimsical roses, dahlias and pampas grass
  • blog -22/01/2021

    Advice for thriving through the pandemic together

    Engaged during a pandemic? Whilst everyone is facing difficult challenges of their own, don’t feel like you have to navigate this alone. With no normalcy in sight for planning a wedding, 8 real couples share their advice to continue thriving through the pandemic together.

    Engaged couple with beautiful red roses
  • blog -13/01/2021

    Wedding registry gifts to bring you joy

    Wedding planning should be an exciting time. To help bring some joy, we have rounded up the ultimate wedding registry gift guide to help bring positivity to your everyday. One part of wedding planning that can remain unchanged is choosing your wedding registry gifts.

    happy newly-married couple using wedding registry gifts
  • blog -31/12/2020

    Charlotte and Charles share their Wedding Shop gift list experience

    Real Wedding Shop couple, Charlotte and Charles share their gift list experience. From their most treasured gift, through to why they chose The Wedding Shop. Read on to find out what made their experience meaningful to them.

    Confetti moment wedding day photography
  • blog -24/12/2020

    The Joy of Wedding Planning - Creating your Wedding List

    From building a dream wedding list full of pieces for your new home. Through to receiving bucket-list gifts that will remind you of your special day and the ones you love. Let 6 real Wedding Shop couples tell you why creating your wedding list is a key and joyful part of wedding planning.

    Irish Castle Wedding With Wedding Dress byZuhair Murad
  • blog -07/12/2020

    Floral Garden Marquee Wedding - Real Wedding Shop Couple

    Real Wedding Shop couple, Ellie and Stacey share details on what made their wedding day unique. Along with wedding planning advice and their top gift list tip.

    Marguee Wedding
  • blog -03/12/2020

    How Real Wedding Shop couple, Kirsty and Andrew re-planned their wedding in just 5 days

    Real Wedding Shop couple share how they took on the task of organising their intimate 30 person wedding in just 5 days. Their story is a true reminder that love always wins!

    change of wedding plans intimate 2020 wedding
  • blog -27/11/2020

    Wedding planning - Where to start? Expert Advice from The Wedding Shop

    Wedding planning should be memorable, meaningful and fun. Just like your gift list experience. Wondering where to start? Let us guide you with the advice we have collated over 30 years of helping engaged couples.

    Wedding tablescape
  • blog -19/11/2020

    Wedding Presents Direct to your Door - The Wedding Shop

    Recreate Christmas morning by receiving all of your wedding presents direct to your door. Having a gift list makes it easy for you and your guests. Continue the wedding excitement after the big day.

    wedding presents direct to your door
  • blog -13/11/2020

    A unique and  personal 2020 wedding - Atlas & I founder shares her story

    Sophie Millington, the founder of gift brand Atlas & I, knows a thing or two about how to make things personal. Sophie shares the story of how she and husband Tom made their day their own, despite reducing their wedding from 140 to 15 guests due to COVID-19.

    happy couple on wedding day
  • blog -12/11/2020


    We asked 15 newly-wed couples why creating a gift list is a ‘must-do’ task on your wedding to-do list.

    15 reasons why you need a gift list
  • blog -20/10/2020

    Wedding List inspiration - Tips and Trends from our Buyer, Keshia

    As a newly-wed and Buyer at The Wedding Shop, Keshia knows a lot about the world of weddings. Not only is Keshia an expert in interiors but also used The Wedding Shop for her own wedding list.

    Newly-wed couple on their wedding day
  • blog -19/10/2020

    Wedding Present Ideas - The Wedding Gifts that Guests love to give

    The Wedding present ideas that your guests will love to give. From home fragrances to bespoke experiences. Be wowed by the top picks.

    wedding present - champagne flute
  • blog -08/10/2020

    2020 Wedding Inspiration - Stevie and Rachel share their story

    Get ready to be completely filled with love, inspiration and goosebumps from real Wedding Shop couple Stevie and Rachel, who had their wedding change from 140 to 20 guests in Scotland.

    glasgow wedding kilt
  • blog -07/10/2020

    Wedding in July 2020 - Lauren and Daniel share their gift list experience

    Lauren and Daniel were one of the first couples to get married in the UK after the national lockdown. We had the opportunity to ask them a few questions about their gift list experience, despite having to change their original wedding plans. Along with their top tips for other planning brides and grooms to be.

    wedding day on the beach july 2020
  • blog -18/09/2020

    Wedding Gift List Online - Choose Your Gifts From Your Couch

    Start the fun part of wedding planning. Building your gift list online. We aren't just here for the build-up we are here for the whole ride.

    online wedding gift list
  • blog -10/09/2020

    Alexandra and Edward’s 2020 Wedding

    Real Wedding Shop Bride, Alexandra shares her experience of celebrating their big day during 2020. Let Alexandra and Edward’s story inspire you and learn how having a Wedding Shop gift list helped them to keep the positive wedding feels alive.

    newly married couple enjoying wedding breakfast
  • blog -28/08/2020

    Wedding Gift List Ideas - 30 Unique Gifts To Add

    You may think you've seen all of the beautiful things you can add to your gift list, but think again because we've rounded up 30 unique finds.

    unique wedding gift list ideas fondue set
  • blog -28/08/2020

    Wedding Registry - When Should We Start?

    There is a perfect time in your wedding planning journey to set up your wedding registry, find out when... And more importantly, why.

    wedding registry planning
  • blog -27/08/2020

    Wedding gift lists - what exactly are they?

    Building your wedding gift list is one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning. But since you may never have experienced it before, let us tell you all about it.

    wedding gift list online
  • blog -12/08/2020

    What To Add To Your Wedding Gift List

    Need help getting started? We bring you seven wedding gift ideas to help make your gift list unique to you. From forever gifts, through to quirky picks, we have got you and your wedding list covered.

    Kahler vase wedding gift
  • blog -01/07/2020

    Gift List App - The Wedding Shop

    Looking for a gift list app? We have you covered. Manage and build your wedding gift list on the go with The Wedding Shop App. The only UK wedding list service to have one.

    be inspired with the wedding shop gift list app
  • blog -30/06/2020

    6 Reasons Why Wedding Gift Lists Are Sustainable

    Thinking of ways to make your wedding gift list environmentally friendly?  You’ve come to the right place. We bring you six reasons why you can rest in the fact that having a wedding list is sustainable.

    LSA indoor terrariums
  • blog -30/05/2020

    Wedding Planning Checklist: How To Plan Your Wedding Online

    Whichever stage of wedding planning you are at, we’ve got some ideas to help you plan your wedding during a pandemic. From hosting online planning sessions with your wedding party, learning your first dance in your living room or doing some DIY projects.

    The Wedding Shop gift list checklist
  • blog -30/04/2020

    Things to do to make you smile when you are engaged or newly-wed during a pandemic

    13 things to do that will make you smile during a pandemic. Engaged couples, we are here for you. From games, to baking, through to creating a gallery wall. We have listed some things to help lift your spirits.

    Engaged Couple sitting at breakfast island
  • blog -15/04/2020

    Why Guests Love It When Couples Have A Wedding Gift List

    5 wedding guests share why they were glad, Wedding Shop couple, Sophie and Mike had a wedding gift list. As an award-winning gift list service, we know that friends and family love to give. But let the wedding guests themselves tell you why.

    Wedding guests chatting at wedding ceremony
  • blog -21/03/2020

    Elle’s Beauty Editor Shares Her Ultimate Wedding Gift List Haul

    Beauty Editor at Elle, Jennifer George, shares her wedding gift list with you. And answers our questions, to help inspire your wedding list. Explore what it is like to have a Wedding Shop gift list through the perspective of the happy couple.

    Couple on their wedding day
  • blog -14/02/2020


    We’ve teamed up with Papier to offer all our couples a 15% discount off any wedding stationery. From save the dates to full wedding packages, they will make all your stationery dreams come true.

    papier wedding stationery orange theme
  • blog -01/01/2020


    As gift list experts, with 30 years' experience helping couples, we have answered the most asked questions about wedding registries asked on Google. You asked, we’ve answered.

    newly marreid couple opening wedding gifts
  • blog -20/12/2019

    7 Real Couples Reveal Their Top Tips For Creating The Best Wedding Gift List

    Make the most of your Wedding Shop gift list with top tips from seven of our real couples. From not feeling guilty to giving your guests choice, they have the tips that will help you get started creating a list that is completely unique to you.

    Newly married couple of their wedding day
  • blog -06/09/2019


    The Wedding Shop have rounded up some of our favourite Ethical and Sustainable brands to inspire wedding lists full of gifts that will be kind to our planet.

    beautiful sustainable glassware
  • blog -16/05/2019


    Your gift list can be anything you want it to be. Here’s some inspiration on how to make your list fun with 6 quirky gift ideas to get you started. Think outside of the gifting box!

    house of hackney quirky cushion
  • blog -01/04/2019


    To guide your through the whole process of building your Wedding Shop gift list, The Wedding Shop Gift Guru’s offer their expert advice.

    wedding shop gift guru with bloom and wild flower subscrption
  • blog -24/07/2018

    Delivery Update FAQs

    We have put together some helpful FAQs around the delivery of your wedding gifts for September 2021 Deliveries

  • blog -20/06/2018

    Coronavirus Precautions And Measures

    We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to put new systems and safety measures into place to reopen our showrooms. Find more information on the steps we are taking to protect our customers and staff.

    London Townhouse with bicycle and red flowers
  • blog -01/01/2018


    We pride ourselves on providing you with a flexible gift list service that you can tailor to suit your needs. However, it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to wedding etiquette, even more so in 2020. We bring you the definitive guide to Wedding Gift List Etiquette.

     wedding gift list etiquette